CAM – 18

His arm got a little harder, then he gently let her go. 

Shada had to work hard to pretend nothing was amiss. His unexpected touch reminded her of ‘the night.’ 

Unaware, her gaze was directed with his softly closed lips and his long moving fingers. 

She has a pent-up sigh that she suppressed. That was the very same finger that caressed and fondled her whole body. 

‘Haaa *sigh* Shada.’ 

Her eyes were distracted. She participated in such a passionate love affair, but then pretending to be okay was a deception. 

Shada’s eyes searched the floor while her mind searched her heart.

Contrary to the warning he gave that he would do as he wished, Huey didn’t do much. In fact, he acted casual in contrast to an ashamed and confused Shada. Just looking into his eyes turned her hair white.

The power of the first night was great. 

Shada was dejected; how could someone not even turn red at all after all of that?

How could he manage to look so proper and composed?

I couldn’t even sleep well.

How many women have you met so far? The number must not be small for a man who has achieved power, fame, and wealth— and with his beauty??—not small at all.

And what was I? A poor maid.

Shada deliberately tried to maintain her composure by crushing her expectations and self-esteem. Her heart twisted. 

So embroiled in depressing thoughts, she didn’t see the hand approach. 

“Your lipstick smeared.” 


As soon as his fingertips touched her soft lips, she flinched with an exclamation and shook off the hand in a fit of surprise.

It was loud enough to startle the pair, and then the awkward stillness subsided as his face twisted slightly. Shada panicked and turned white. 

Crazy. What did you do? Don’t be fooled because he’s a little kind. After all, this man is also a nobleman from different blood than a commoner like herself. 

“Sorr— I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Master!” 

I tried to bow on the ground and lie flat, according to my habit at the palace but stopped moving when a clear voice resounded, and a cold hand suddenly came up and snatched me. 


“Yeah? Yes?” 

“Are you doing this on purpose?” 

“Yes?” Shada repeated foolishly. 

Heat flashed in his eyes, with a careless, cold smile. 

Suddenly he became enormous, and she was completely buried in his shadow as she held her breath. 

Cold sweat dampened my quivering cold palms. 

His green eyes glanced at the movement and narrowed. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards himself. 

Expressionlessly, Huey looked down at her pale face and put her hand in his neck. 

“Please tie my tie.” 

This time Shada didn’t say ‘Yes?’ to his words. 

As if her ten years working as a maid accounted for nothing, she held the soft silk tie as he put it in her hands. She hesitated a little and then moved her hand clumsy. 

Shada had rarely tied a man’s tie, but she used to do her father’s as a joke.

Fortunately, commoners and nobles in commerce had the same way of tying ties.

When I felt a sense of crisis, my hand managed to move on their own. 

After a few mishaps, the tension disappeared from Shada’s face, who concentrated on tying the knots prettily, and her mouth was slightly open because of her zealous concentration. Huey looked down at her shimmering pink eyes. 

A glittering sunlight, a starry noon Shada put his tie on in the Count’s room covered with warm silence. 

Her face completely enthralled him. 

Her thin fingertips moved slowly and rubbed against his throat. It was a little crooked, but it was all tied. When Shada looked up with a smile of relief, Huey immediately bowed his head and kissed her small open lips. He held her by her shocked shoulder and pulled her towards him. He licked her reddish lips and sucked it sweetly. 

She moaned lightly. Unknowingly, she grabbed and pulled on his tie like a lifeline. 

Huey was being lightly choked, but he coveted her apricot-like lips. 

It looked like a wild beast with a leash swallowing its owner whole. 

After her lips were swollen and smudged, even her lipstick was ravenously sucked into his mouth, and he raised his head.

Shada, who was burning red all over, took a shaky breath; her eyes teared up. 

When Huey saw his stubborn tie, he laughed. 

“It’s all crumpled.” 


Shada quickly released her hand and wandered in the air for a moment. 

Huey, pretending not to know, wore a vest over his wrinkled crimson tie and cufflinks to his sleeves. 

The man seeing the confused Shada looked at her again. 

“How long will you avoid my eyes?” 

He knew that the woman would never refute that she never did. 

Shada picked up her gaze reflexively, then pouted. 

Huey, pleased, was smiling again. 

“I left it alone because I told you to do what you wanted, but I think I was wrong.” 

He spoke, watching her blinking pink eyes. 

“What I want to do maybe the opposite of Miss Shada’s will. Because of Shada’s personality, there is a high probability, but we didn’t decide what to do in this case. So I just decided.” 

I will do whatever I want. Obscene desire poured out of his smiling mouth.


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