CAM – 12


Shada unwittingly clung to his arm.

The sudden strange, and sensual whirlwind struck me in a daze; my heart pounded in my ears. Unfamiliar pleasures and intimate stirrings added to my confusion.

His touch entered and settled in my skirt. The big hand that teased my garter belt and rubbed my tight thighs felt hot like an iron brand.

My head was going to explode with shame and excitement.

I wanted to run away, and at the same time, I didn’t want him to stop.

The elongated index finger quickly unbuttoned the white maid clothes. Huey, who threw the white apron roughly on the floor, laid her on the desk and kissed her exposed collarbone.

Shada’s face blurred with redness as he undid her ribbon with his teeth while holding her eyes with his own intense gaze.

It was as if a hungry beast had finally been released.

Her revealed white bra incited a mixed sound of admiration and worry.

As if he was fretting over her soft bare skin beyond that thin laced cloth.

“You smell of peaches.”

As he whispered, her nipples announced themselves and stood up.

“Here, can I wash it?”

His red tongue tenaciously licked a peak over her underwear and sucked gently.

Shada’s white body that was covered black clothes lightly convulsed.

She whimpered under him and called him with a sob: “Master.”


Huey muttered subtly as if savoring the syllables.

“At first, I thought it would be nice if my name came out of your mouth, but this is not bad either.”

Actually, it’s quite my taste.

As the corners of his mouth, which had seemed neat, went up smoothly, he looked awfully sensual. He whispered as he lowered her bra and exposed her breasts. “Sing it again.”

“M-Master. Huu!”

“That’s right.”

He never spared praise and kissed her cold breasts repeatedly. As the man’s mouth swallowed the tip of her breast at a gulp, she twisted and jiggled. It felt weird.

Huey held down Shada’s wriggling shoulders as her Master was licking and burying his head in his maid’s breast. He tasted and crushed her white flesh and took in her fragrance to his heart’s content.

Shada’s arms flared as if they were struggling. The noble Count’s beautiful golden hair poured over her skin dazzling her eyes and tickling her.

A treacherous urge to push and hug that head arose.


As he rolled her sensitive nipple into his mouth, his beast-like hand voraciously tormented the other side.

Like a drunkard getting drunk and kneading a whore’s chest, he was relentlessly indomitable, driven by instinct, and depravedly lustful.

It was like a man in heat who was experiencing a woman for the first time in his life.

Huey pushed his fingers on her lips and into her mouth, whose moan merged with her wail.

“More delicious than I imagined, Miss Shada.”

As he stirred around her defenseless lips, he laughed alluringly. The aristocratic face was devilishly captivating when it was stained with desire.

“What does it taste like down here?”

“Hngh! Wait, uh!”

He slipped his fingers out from between her lips and slipped in her underwear like a snake. He stroked her pussy. Shada felt as if her mind was going blank as the soothing hand caressed her leaking wetness.

It’s weird! Uh, what do I do? T-The Count, is my…

Huey looked down at her helplessness with pleased, heated eyes. It was dangerously cute that she didn’t know that she should spread her legs when he was fondling her sensitive core.

He bowed his head and kissed her surprised lips tenderly.

“It’s all right. Miss Shada, just stay still.”


Her teary pink eyes were so prettily erotic— enough to make a man go wild.

Huey licked his lips. The princess was right. She’s erotic. She’s just crying, and it’s kind of lewd and provocative.

There was something so suggestive about her being so weak and soft, like a rabbit’s tail being coquettish, provoking brutal passion.

How sweet is your body again?

Even if he didn’t intend to do it, such a vulgar and indecent desire to pursue her innocent back and crush her in a grotesque place disturbed his head and heart from the first time he saw her.

When she was chased by her tormentors and bumped into his chest, clenching on to her torn maid’s dress and weeping, he stood pretending to be decent, but he was already in heat.

Is there a man who won’t move even when he sees the moist flaming eyes that hang on to you desperately?

“Ahhh! Wait… ah, it hurts.”

“Shh. Hang in there.”

No, never. It’s only natural unless it’s a dead man.

Where is a woman who looks so delicious?

On the edge of the desk, her underpants and underwear hung from her loose white legs.

He grasped the inside of her thigh and opened it wider while persistently taunting her damp crotch. Another finger gently squeezed in, stirring and beating her inner wall.

A secret red crack that is wide open, a wet, glistening, sticky bush and twitching—a man’s finger that broke in through, feeling her clench. Huey’s adams apple moved. The heat splashed out of his green eyes at the racy sight. Erotic. It was bloody erotic.


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  2. Omg so hot even in the end of November…. Thank you so much for pleased us with this bloody hot erotic even it kinda cliffhanger n want read more chapter lol. I love you, translators😘💖💖

  3. “You smell of peaches.” As he whispered her nipples announced themselves…

    Nipple #1: HERE!!! I’M HERE!!
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    Also I wanna reference this:
    [Huey licked his lips. The princess was right. She’s erotic. She’s just crying, and it’s kind of lewd and provocative.]
    It’s just so satisfying that the princess’s insults backfired.

  6. “Master…”

    Huey muttered subtly as if savoring the syllables.

    “At first, I thought it would be nice if my name came out of your mouth, but this is not bad either.”

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