CAM – 11

This time her jealousy won over her love.

She didn’t even bother with her ‘coy’ ‘shy’ act.

Huey watched her without responding to her tantrum.

In his silence, the Princess turned red and green and snarled stubbornly.

“I do not like it! I don’t like it!”


The Princess’s incoherent tantrum was cut off with his long sigh.

The woman, emboiled with her own emotions, suddenly realized the other person’s tiredness and injured pride.

He sat languidly in his chair with his hands hanging down.

It was effective without moving a single muscle.

When she shut her mouth, the man threw a carrot after the whip had struck elegantly.

“Why does the most beautiful woman in the country care about a maid?”

“That··· that lewd-looking girl might tail after my Huey…”

“Pfft, ha!”


Huey was intrigued by her inquiring eyes. Julia blushed.

“Her eyes are weirdly red, and they look promiscuous. It’s also disgusting to sob and flirt as if you were a pathetic victim. Do you know that all the court servants of the palace, the coachman and the knights–they all glance at the girl? She’s probably possessed many. Then it’s definitely dirty… … .”

“I’m afraid that speaking more than that will undermine the princess’ dignity…”

Huey cut off the horse quietly and sharply.

Julia, who was going to protest reflexively, stopped when she spotted those cold green eyes.

A normal lady would have paused due to the shame of speaking so nakedly, but Julia wasn’t normal; that wouldn’t stop her.

Instead, what stopped her was the shock of seeing the Count’s eyes become so cold.

The chilly gaze was creepy.

The Princess thought that he was upset because he was disappointed by his fiancée’s crass sexual remarks.

Still, this silence lasted a little longer.

Huey spoke again in a low soft voice.

“This is my mansion and my jurisdiction. And I don’t like irresponsible behavior. This includes our friendly Julia.”

It was a moderate coercion.

Dissatisfied, Julia was still full of discontent but couldn’t protest further and put her hand on the back of his hand.

After being sent off by the Count, she climbed into the carriage and stomped on the floor to soothe her anger until she arrived at the castle.

After Julia left, Count Kirchner went to his room.

Standing alone, his hand loosening his tie slowed to a stop.

‘…promiscuous look… … .’

‘… it’s also disgusting to sob and flirt as if you were a pathetic victim.’

Suddenly in front of my eyes, I remember the appearance of a maid who was disturbed by yesterday’s fever. Pink eyes that were moistened, shiny with unspilled tears of lust and black, long shadowy lashes, and her slightly swollen and parted lips…

“… … .”

My still hand moved again.

My eye spotted a teacup that was barely touched.

Suddenly I was thirsty. (understatement of the century)

It was the kind of painful dry thirst that gives a refreshingly cool relief once it is satiated.

Eventually, he gave up changing clothes and quickly left the room.

* * *

After cleaning up and organizing items that didn’t need it, Shada couldn’t distract herself with useless busy work and couldn’t pay attention to anything.

Instead, Shada ended up sitting on a chair; first, she was still— then clenching her toes in her shoes, scratching her nails, and jumping up thinking she should stand —and then sitting back down again as if re-thinking her behavior.

The bright sunlight came into the study, and only her vision was blurry and unfocused.

Oh, what should I do?

Oh what to do?

Princess Julia’s long-standing tyranny was horrible but the vision of the Count, who was leaving with her, kept haunting me.

That kiss from yesterday.


I was screaming silently, slapping both of my cheeks.

I didn’t want to remember. I shouldn’t have remembered!

It’s useless to think about it.

It’s just an accident. Like when you bump into something.

Yes, the Master didn’t even intend to do all of that, but somehow, by the tense, ambiguous atmosphere, he was swept away…… But the slightly cracked sound of a husky sigh…… When the hot heat emerged, my whole body turned red like an apple.

I was feeling hot and sticky as if the heat hadn’t gone down yet.

Shada tried to stop thinking about it, but without realizing it, she was probing her lips.

‘It was my first kiss.’

Everyone fantasized about the first kiss, as did Shada, but the first kiss she envisioned for herself wasn’t that intense and provocative.

Just a sweet, candy-like kiss in a romantic place… … ? A light kiss… like yesterday…

… . I had a strange and unusual feeling again.

Shada unconsciously rubbed her knees together and was startled.

My underwear was damp.

Ugh, this is weird.

No. It’s not because of this but really… … .

Just as she was about to rip out her hair, the door slammed behind her.

As common sense dictates, a closed-door cannot close again. But it opened and closed again.

This time someone entered.

Shada swallowed and turned around. Count Kirchner, Huey, stood there.

His collar, which he had always neatly tied, was disheveled, and the breathing of the man who pierced her with his gaze was rough.

Shada barely tore her eyes from his roaring muscular neck and his adams apple with a slight sheen.

“Master? What’s wrong? Why are you—”

With a hurried stride Huey, clasped the back of her neck and hugged her.

When he pulled Shada into a hug, he kissed her.

His hot breath touched her tender flesh, and his searing tongue opened her lips.

Helplessly swept away, Shada gave herself to him, who coveted her lips.

It was different from yesterday when I was hazy.

Now, it was very clear and even more intense.

Strong arms surrounded her waist. His hands wrapped around the back of her head as if they were bound, and the heated flesh and saliva that devoured her were so terribly clear.

Shada gasped.

Like a bird caught in a trap, she didn’t know what to do and tried to push him away, but he didn’t even budge.

Instead, he rushed deeper and deeper, as if the fire had been stirred more.

Saliva dripped between the lips of the man and woman, with a warm sign and a groan.

The man who was sucking her wet upper and lower lips, stuck out his long tongue and licked up her wet chin.

Shada’s whole visage was burning hot, head dizzy from his seductions. Huey laughed low at her red face. His smiling lips were charming to the point of magnetic attraction.

And to think those handsome lips were shining with her saliva was deadly sexy.

They made eye contact as if possessed.

His green eyes were a little hazy, and Shada thought that they were both looking at each other with the same expression.

Again their lips overlapped, and their heat mingled.

Shada wrapped her arms around his neck. Joy and excitement color her mind red—disregarding everything else.

There was only this man. He was everything.

She crashed against the desk with her leg while they mixed their tongues frantically.

He picked her up and sat her down on the desk.

The man tasted her parted red lips, her tongue, and then kissed her neck and licked her collarbone.

When the man’s rough hands that had been stroking her back clasped both of her breasts over her clothes and squeezed, Shada faintly surprised exclamation became a moan.

He took her sounds of pleasure and swallowed it, greedily grasping her breasts and rubbing her nipples blatantly.

A thrilling flash bursts.

His ministrations moved down, and the tips of his fingers massaged her thighs, traveling higher up her skirt.

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