CAM – 10

Huey lowered his gaze with his eyes half-closed.

For a war hero, he was an easygoing and laid-back man.

But, contrary to other people’s perceptions, Huey Von Kirchner was a man on edge, ready to pull out a sword anywhere at any time.

He stood on a battlefield, at every moment.

Whether it was the royal palace or a party hall, he never, without exception, lowered his vigilance.

It was no different from being in the middle of the enemy’s camp.

Feeling annoyed and upset, he lifted the teacup and had its liquid moistened his dry throat.

It had a strong scent.

‘Her tea is softer.’

Even though the inside of his mouth was moistened, his tongue felt grimly.

“Huey, you haven’t been coming to the palace lately. What happened?”

Asked his fiancee, who sat opposite him and twisted her legs anxiously; she could not stand silence.

Princess Julia.

The only cherished daughter of the King.

Perhaps because of that, she had a severe personality disorder.

Of course, she has been quite docile since she had that little party that could barely pass as an engagement.

But she was only docile in front of him.

It was a curiosity as to why the Princess didn’t already know that he knew about all the incidents and crimes she had committed.

It was hard not to know, as Huey remembered everything he saw and heard.

The memories from quite a long time ago were still fresh in his mind as if they had occurred yesterday.

Huey answered her succinctly. “I’ve been busy.”

“What…. what kind of work is it?”

“I’ve been pursuing a new hobby that has kept me on my estate.”

“Oh my. What is that?”

Julia responded eagerly and wanting to overcome her hurdles to connect with him more.

‘She is a woman who can’t hide her feelings and thoughts at all.’

Maybe it was because she had grown so cherished that she didn’t have to or simply she just didn’t want to.

There were countless possibilities and reasons, but to Huey, Julia was merely just such a woman.

The word ‘nature’ did not exist for nothing.

“I am growing a flower.”


She tilted her head.

She was polite, but it didn’t go well with him, a great and brilliant knight.

Julia was embarrassed but asked, pretending she didn’t care.

“What kind of flower is it?”


The Count rubbed his square chin. His green eyes gleamed mysteriously.

“It’s a pinkish soft, sensitive flower. Delicate. It shrinks with just a little touch. I want to take good care of it and see it’s flowers in full bloom and have it bear fruit on the spot. But it’s more difficult than I initially thought.”

“It must be a tricky plant to care for. You can leave it to the gardener.”

His expression was monotonous, even when he was sprouting confusing words.

“I don’t like it riding on other people’s hands.” (leaving it to other people’s hands)

“What kind of flower is it, Huey?”

“It’s a flower I’ve been eyeing for a long time.”

Huey laughed deeply and grinned, amused, and removing his mask for the moment.

‘And yesterday I picked it up and put it in my room.’

His smile was rather beautiful, as if he were a rose in full bloom.

Julia was struck dumb and deeply moved by the sight of his genuine smile.

After a moment, she coughed with a red face, trying to calm her fluttering heart.

“Next time, show me the flower, too.”

“You would be disappointed.”

“No, it can’t be! Huey, it’s been through your hands–there’s no way it isn’t pretty!”

‘No, you’ll be upset for sure.’

But he did not necessarily refute her statement.

Apart from his amusement, he did not stop the Princess from unleashing her imagination as she wished.

Huey was an economic man who returned safely from the battlefield, where practicality was the top priority.

Don’t do unnecessary things.

I didn’t like the tea, so I put down the teacup.

“Princess. Do you have anything else to do at this Count’s estate today?”

Although respectful in tone, it was formal, and the titles were creating a desolate distance and implying boundaries.

Excited, Julia did not know this and said that she came just because she wanted to see Huey. She didn’t even notice.

Like a child, she vented her sorrow and frustration.

“You never came to see me after you took that ugly maid. You are too much. Don’t you have any feelings for me?”

‘Those questions should have been asked before cornering and pushing me into the engagement hall.’

Huey thought. But instead he asked quietly and kindly.

“What are you sad about? The frequent entrance of decorated war veterans doesn’t look good. Originally, I thought you knew I wouldn’t step into the palace unless there was a special reason or event.”

“But now, if you marry me, you will become King father’s son-in-law. Is that so important? I want to see you!”

Today was particularly grueling; the Count glanced toward the clock over the Princess.

“Exactly, as the Princess said, after the wedding there will be no problem to see them. What are you so nervous about?”

“I hate that girl.”

“… … .”

“I hate it so much. Why are you keeping it? Can’t you just throw it out?”

What had been bothering her finally burst.

Even the Princess thought she was tactless but decided she was just being a woman.

This time, Huey’s eyebrows and forehead came together in a frown.

“She is a sincere and capable person. I’ve already accepted her as my family. Are you saying you want me to kick her out for no reason?”

“Why is there no reason? I don’t like her!”

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