ILLYML – 38.1


I went straight to her.

Alastair’s words to come straight to his side have already been forgotten.

The noble gave Juliana a friendly smile and talked to her a few times, then naturally raised his glass while offering her the other one with the drugs.

As if he wanted her to take a sip.

“Ah. Thank you….”

Just before Juliana grabbed her glass, I plucked it away.

“Drink it.”

I gave the cup back to the aristocrat who offered Juliana the wine.

The nobleman bit his lips anxiously at this unexpected turn of events.

“What disrespect! I’m delivering a glass to the saint…!”

So you were going to double down on being shameless, eh?

Well, I guess this was the best an idiot like him could think of.

The corners of my lips twisted in disgust.

“I found out about something very fascinating, so I’m going to investigate it.”

“Ah… Ser—Serina. No, Lady Melford.”

Juliana held my hand as if embarrassed by the sudden failing atmosphere.

I looked at her.

I usually wasn’t the type to make a scene.

I need her until Alastair’s brainwashing is completely released.

Since I know Juliana can release Alastair’s brainwashing from reading the novel, she’s the hand I need.

“Are you kidding me?! This lady suddenly stole the wine I was trying to give to the saint?”

In an instant, his loud protest drew attention. The man shouted louder, I had no idea that things would get this big.

“I told you. I saw something interesting.”

“Oh, that makes sense…!”

“I saw you put something strange in the glass you gave her.”

The nobles who pretended not to be listening could not hide their astonishment.

The banquet hall became boisterous as the revelation made them restless.

“Are you slandering me! A conspiracy! Are you saying I drugged Saint-nim’s wine glass?! Where is justice? You can make a perfectly innocent person into a criminal over someone’s mistaken eyes.

“Of course, I may have misseen as you’ve said and if so, I will apologize and step down.”

“Okay! Then, can I drink it?”

Where did his fearful spirit go? His attitude became dignified.

His shoulders, which had been trembling precariously just a moment before, were now steady.

“Give me that glass!”

What’s going on?

“Wait a moment.”

Dodging the hand of the man who held out his hand to the drink, I pulled back my hand holding his glass.

“Why are you avoiding me! Oh, you’re doing this because you’re afraid that your lies will be exposed?”

With an excitable mean expression, the man rushed forward as if he had found a flawed hole.

Rather than feeling daunted, the man’s fierce conviction changed the gaze of the people around him.

Previously those that were casting harsh glances at the men were now sneering at me

Either way, I didn’t care and opened my mouth.

“I’ve heard of a new type of drug that doesn’t affect those who don’t have holy powers.”

I looked at Juliana with a pretty smile.

“It’s a special drug that only affects those with holy powers. It is a bizarre drug that leaves no evidence even after one examines the glass.”


If the drug is used on those who have holy powers………. it is a specially formulated poison.

This drug is not readily available. Unless through illegal trade.

“Holy Lady, would you like to test the contents by any chance?”

Another twisted original.

Hypron asked me to dance without following the original. There is enough possibility.

Perhaps it’s this nobleman, mentioned in the novel, who helped sneak in the Dark Warlocks into the banquet hall.

“Come on, Saint-nim.”

I took her hand and handed her a glass.

The complexion of the aristocrat had turned blue to the point of regret.

Juliana blinked her eyes and let out her energy.

Her power, which shone so brightly that her eyes stung, was beautiful.

“Saint-nim, how did you find it?”

“T-this is absurd…. Why is there such a thing in a glass…?”

The novel is twisted.

According to the original story, Hypron should have stopped the nobles before they even approached Juliana. But he couldn’t do that now because his interest was elsewhere.

There is a high probability that they would be more adversaries hiding.

“Why did you do that?”

“Th—, that’s….”

Tears welled up in Juliana’s blue eyes.

Her pathetic face made her look more innocent.

“Did I commit any disrespect towards you?”

“This, this…!”

The aristocrat drew a dagger from his bosom and rushed towards her.

The next thing happened in a flash.

“Kyyaa!” [t1v: scream sfx]

The man swung the blade at Juliana. I reacted instinctively, reaching out to her.


A sharp knife cut deep into my arm. A knife flew past my arm, and red water droplets flew into the air.

The nobles who were ogling then screamed in astonishment.


“Someone stop him! No, call the guards!”

I grabbed my injured arm and stepped back.

“Believer-nim…..! Are you okay?!”

“As you can see….. I’m not okay.”

The nobleman’s eyes were half-opened. Regardless of him being half-dead or almost killing me, he frantically swung and brandish his knife insanely.

I casted magic in an emergency.


The man’s body was set on fire. Fortunately, it worked well even if I casted it in a hurry, but luckily it worked.

“Aaaaah! Y-you guys .····· Kyyaaahyuk! What are you doing ·······! Come on…… ! Save me! Kill that woman and take the saint ······ Hurry up!”

The aristocrats gathered in the banquet hall shouted for someone to stop the man, but they all fell one step away, fearing that they too would be in danger.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, those who were aiming for Juliana rushed in.

And there were quite a few of them too.

While I was contemplating who to kill first, I came up with a magic spell that could be done quickly and did the math.


“Ahhh! Save me! It hurts! It hurts!”

It was time to unleash the magic spell. The appearance of the Dark Warlocks who ran in the room bizarrely inflated like balloons and then exploded lightly with a pop.

As light as a balloon pops. Human life was quickly crushed like a toy in a child’s hand.

The moment they died, they gasped for breath in agony.

Their faces expressed that they experienced the most terrible pain they had ever tasted. The warlocks who had entered afterward faltered.

They were afraid to die so painfully.

The question of who killed them like that didn’t last long.

I saw Alastair striding in front of me.

Alastair killed them like that.

Wrapped all over my body – I got goosebumps.

It wasn’t because of the brutality of slaughtering them like that.

I almost felt that he strangled me with care.

I have repeated countless times that he can kill me once his brainwashing is over.

My heavy resolution turned to ashes and scattered in the air.


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ILLYML – 37.2

As Hypron put his hand on my shoulder, I couldn’t help but be struck by how different the original was.

It was a sinking unpleasant feeling. The future was no longer predictable and I had no way of knowing if it would be poison or beneficial.

Hypron was looking at me meaningfully when he opened his mouth,

“I recently saw someone who looked like you, my lady.”

My hand on his shoulder almost slipped.

Someone who looks like me.

There was no further explanation because it must have been me.

Are you trying to face it head-on without dilly-dallying?

What he wants here is my reaction.

His golden eyes will pay close attention to whether my pupils are shaking, the angles at the ends of my lips, and whether or not my body is trembling.

I have to be as nonchalant as possible.

The fact that he chose this direct tactic means he is still not sure about whether or not I was the one he saw at the slave auction.

“The gentleman saw someone that looked like me? How interesting. How does this person look like me?”

He looked deep into my eyes as if he were engraving me in his gold sight. As I made eye contact, I felt overwhelmed by the strange illusion that I was being engulfed in that golden landscape.

“Their eyes were red, like the young lady’s.”

A strange smile spread across his straightforward face.

“The lady’s striking eyes are always beautiful.”

“……Thank you for the compliment.”

“To the extent that I would wager that you are the only one who possesses such eyes…”

The more he spoke, the more his pupils dilated and his golden eyes darken and shined.

“They’re beautiful.”

For some reason, the more he looked into my eyes the more it seemed to harden his heart and he seemed to grow more and more indignant.

This is dangerous.

“Perhaps to the point those eyes cannot be copied even with magic.”

This was not a compliment. Hypron was a man unfamiliar with giving compliments, to the point that in the original the only thing he could utter to his beloved, Juliana, with a blank expression was the one word, ‘pretty.’

He was trying to determine if I’m the person I met at the slave auction.

“What color hair did they have?”

His gaze passed through my flowing silver hair.

“. . . it was the color of gray murky sea.”

Of course, I hid my hair color back then. I had to break his confidence. I had to shatter it.

I have to slowly instill in him the difference between what he saw and me.

“It was dark, so maybe I thought it was gray.”


“Because it was night.”


He seemed to want to solidify his heart. To the point of trying to distort his own memory.

“But the Duke is a swordmaster… so your senses are more developed than ordinary people so you’ve seen it properly, you should trust yourself more.”

His raw yellow eyes scoured through me to see if I really knew anything. An awkward atmosphere developed between us, a stark contrast to the smooth flowing melody. I adhered to my carefree attitude by skillfully dancing the correct steps.

“I wonder how the Duke met that woman.”

“That person is… a man.”

“Oh. You said you saw someone who looked like me, so I naturally assumed it was a woman. I misunderstood.”

Such a casual attitude.

At that time, I was dressed as a man. That’s why I used the term ‘woman’ on purpose.

He even corrected my assumption that it was a man.

Yet I could tell his doubts about me weren’t fully dispelled.

“You look like me, Duke.

“I want to meet the person the Duke says looks like me.”

“Me too.”

The fast tempo was getting slower.

It was a signal that the dance with him was coming to an end.

“I want to see you again.”

His amber eyes stared intently at me.

Our overlapping bodies from the dance fell apart, and we looked at each other and bowed to each other.

It was a formality nobility observed after a dance was over.

– Then, after dancing, promise me that you’ll come to my side right away.

Alastair’s words echoed in my ears.


Even if you didn’t instruct me to promise you I’d be there.

The obsession he showed me was futile.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it burst into a rainstorm and disappeared like evaporated water one day.

I searched for Alastair, surveying the banquet hall.

A nobleman looked around with anxious eyes, took out a round pill from his bosom, and put it in a glass.

The aristocrat stared at the blonde-haired woman with a bottle of champagne. With a smile on his face, he moved his feet towards her.

The woman he stared at the whole time was a woman I knew well.

IBMV – 46

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A few days later, I went back to the dressing room.

The inside of the store wasn’t quiet, but there wasn’t crowded either.

Really, people aren’t ready to accept black dresses yet…….

With a clouded expression, Anna said,

“I am worried that I have troubled the princess.”

I felt sorry for her lack of confidence.

“Don’t say that. People still don’t know how elegant Anna’s dresses are.”

It was time for me to pat her on the shoulder and offer her consolation and comfort.

Then I heard the sound of the dressing room door opening.


As if Anna had never been moping, she immediately greeted the guest with a bright smile.

It was a blonde woman.

She was a pretty conspicuous guest.

And unusually she was wearing black sunglasses.

Although her eyes were covered, her fine and distinct facial features were not hidden.

She walked over, her heels clanking against the floor.

“I heard rumors……  That you sell black dresses here?”

Anna answered in a friendly voice.

“Yes, that’s right.”

The blonde woman said in a dignified voice.

“May I take a look?”

“Of course. Feel free to look around.”

She scruntinized the black dresses on display.

Anna watched her with a tense expression on her face and said carefully.

“If you like something, feel free to try them on.”


she asked in a high voice. Then she pointed to a dress without hesitation.

“Then this, this and that, please.”

She entered the fitting room first. Anna immediately brought the dresses she pointed to.

After a while.

A blonde woman in a black dress came out of the fitting room.

It was a simple black dress with a mermaid line, without any embellishments, revealing her slender figure.

The distinctive elegance of the black dress made her beauty stand out even more.

Anna said in a voice of pure admiration.

“You look amazing.”

“Well, that’s what I expected.”

She said, raising the corners of her lips slightly.

The tone was arrogant, but the blonde woman tried on all the dresses.

After the blonde woman left, Anna said with a bewildered expression.

“Princess, did you hear that?”

“Yes. She said she’d come again, didn’t she?”

“I didn’t hear it wrong.”

I smiled and patted Anna’s shoulder lightly.

“What did I say? I told you that there will be people who appreciate your dresses.”

I then added,

“Just wait and see your dresses will definitely succeed.”

And that word has really become a reality.

Even with far greater results than I could have ever imagined.

* * *

The black dress became a hit.

Although it picked up slowly, word of mouth was spreading among noble women.

Meanwhile, the popular actress Celine Claudel stood on the stage in a black dress and received an explosive response.

When the female lead, who was invited to a party in the play, appeared wearing a black dress, the audience could not help but be amazed.

– That dress, it’s unconventional!

– How can a black dress be so attractive?

– Which designer made it?

– The design is fresh.

– It’s a style I’ve never seen before.

After that, dresses began to sell like hot cakes.

‘Then that person was Celine Claudel.’

I remembered a blonde beauty who had stopped by the dressing room a few days ago.

Then I looked down and read the report in my hand.

It was a graph displaying the sales of her black dresses. The bar graph illustrating sales sharply rising.

As expected, I knew Anna would make it.

Success requires talent, hard work, and luck, but the last factor, luck, belatedly followed her.

‘In other words, you could call it the halo of the original female protagonist.’

Whatever it was it was good.

I jumped up from my office chair.

I’m going to go see Anna’s smiling face right now.

* * *


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IBMV – 45

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Ever since I became business partners with Anna, the plan to open a dressing room has been going well.

First, Anna quit Isabella’s boutique.

During the months she was with Isabella, Anna barely slept, wholly devoted herself to work, causing her skills to improve remarkably.

The strict Isabella said it herself.

Originally, her hands had dexterity, but with passion, her skills improved by leaps and bounds.

Of course, Anna wouldn’t have been able to grow in such a short time without the basic skills that she had established before.

She made a living by sewing from a young age until she got a job in her textile factory.

Her basics were well established.

As for design, she learned a lot from Isabella.

I slowly surveyed the inside of Anna’s boutique, upon the completion of the interior construction.

“Tomorrow is finally the opening day.”


A slight uneasiness permeated Anna’s voice as she responded. I turned my head to look at her profile.

“Are you worried?”

“A little.”

As her opening time approached, she seemed nervous.

No dressing room has ever showcased a black dress before, so it’s understandable.

It takes courage to walk a path that no one has walked down before.

But I know this business will do well.

Even in the world, I used to live in, black dresses are items that made a mark in the history of fashion.

“Don’t worry, Anna. It will definitely work out.”

Anna seemed to have relaxed by my confident tone. She said with a grin,

“I wonder how the princess is so sure.”

Well, it worked in the world I lived in, so I think it would work here as well.

And another reason.……

“I have never had a business fail before.”

It was me who made money using the information of the original book several times

Knowing the future is like solving a problem where you already know the answer.

Isn’t that a transmigrator’s privilege?

I smiled at Anna and said,

“If you’re really nervous, just trust me, Anna.”

* * *

The opening day for the dressing room.

I headed to Anna’s dressing room early in the morning.

As soon as I opened the door and entered the store, I saw Anna.

As she was adjusting the accessories and hats on the mannequins, when she saw me and welcomed me with delight.

“Princess, you are here.”

I entrusted the store to Anna, but I can’t miss the first day of opening because I am a business partner.

And I wondered what the reaction of the guests would be.

“How are you? Do you need anything to be ready?”

As I inquired, I glanced around the store.

In addition to black dresses with various variations on a basic simple design, fashion accessories such as gloves and hats were neatly displayed.

Anna said a little nervously,

“It’s ready. Now all that remains is for the guests to come.”

When she had finished speaking, the door to the store opened, and a lady in a fancy hat came in.

It was the first customer.

Anna greeted her lady with a smile.

“Welcome, ma’am.”

While Anna was serving her, I pretended to be a visitor and studied the guest from the corner of my eye.

It was the face I had seen at an imperial ball.

She seems to have been called Countess Morris.

She, like most nobles, was dressed in a flashy dress.

She looked around her shop, gently dragging the hem of her dress.

“Is this a newly opened boutique?”

“Yes, it is.”

The Countess took her steps to where her dresses were displayed.

She looked at her dress one by one, and she said with a smile on her face.

“Are they all black? And the designs are plain.”

The harsh criticism didn’t end there.

“Are you telling me to wear mourning clothes and go to the party? No, mourning suits are better than this. Somehow, the embellishments are poor and simple.”

What is that woman saying!

I was furious and shot a glare at the Countess.

But Anna was a pro. She maintained her composure despite such defamation. She said,

“Madam, I understand how you feel about these clothes. But once you try it on, you’ll change your mind. You will find it comfortable, practical, elegant, and beautiful at the same time.”

“Oh my, if you wrap it up prettily with those words, do you think I’ll buy one?”

“It’s not like that. I’m—”

The Countess cut off Anna’s words.

“You’re the girl who worked in Isabella’s boutique, aren’t you?”

When Isabella’s name appeared, Anna halted.

“I don’t think you should go around boasting that you learned from her. You’re going to smear Isabella’s name.”

Anna bit her lip, holding back her anger.

She had said she wanted to win Isabella’s recognition by making this business a success.

Before Anna gets hurt anymore she shut her mouth.

Again the Countess scoffed.

“Isabella must have lost her eye too. She has such disciples…… .”

I couldn’t listen anymore.

The Countess had stopped pretending to be a guest, and I shot a rebuke.

“Doesn’t it seem like it’s you, who has lost your eyesight?”


The Countess shrieked, turning her head quickly.

The arrogant expression on her face soon changed her complexion.

“Lady Olivia?”

Upon recognizing my face, her voice trembled.

“May I ask what you meant by what you just said?”

“It was straightforward. If you don’t appreciate this dress, I can’t help but doubt your eyes.”

She tried to keep a smile on her smile, the Countess’s face wrinkled. She said,

“I am ashamed to say this myself, but… … In society I’m a well-known fashionista.”

“Really? Then it would be better for you not to mention it anywhere you go from now on.”

“Wha— what?”

The countess’s face turned red.

She clutched her fan tightly.

“We hope to see you again.”

The Countess Morris’ dress swished as she turned and left.

Don’t ever come again.

I resisted my retort at her back.

After Countess Morris left, I approached Anna, who was bowing her head.

I didn’t know what to say to her to comfort her.

I looked at her complexion and said cautiously,

“Don’t worry too much about what she said.”

Anna lowered her eyes and asked,

“…… Aren’t my dresses so ugly?”

Her confidence had noticeably diminished. The words of the Countess earlier were hurtful.

“It looks great to me. It’s just that she didn’t appreciate the dress,”

I said, stroking Anna’s back lightly.

“I think it was just a bad guest. The next guest will definitely be different.”

Anna laughed weakly.

“Thank you for comforting me.”

I looked at her lack of energy. This wasn’t good.

Was it too soon…….?

Hopefully, introducing black dresses now wouldn’t be a fashion piece ahead of its time.

I shook my head slightly to shake off the negative thoughts. Then I thought

It’s too early to jump to conclusions.

* * *

VGD – 28


Blake ran to her. Her vision and senses went dark. He quickly rushed in and hugged Elysee who had fainted in Mary’s arms.

“Are you okay? Are you okay?”

His body which embraced her was shaking so hard that Elysee wanted to soothe him.

‘Oh yeah… I almost died.’

She died once, but she refused to perish again. In addition, wouldn’t it be extremely painful to die by a knife? The thought of Cain Liberto, who took special care to kill her without pain, came to mind for a millisecond and disappeared. Of course, she didn’t say thanks or anything, but the method hadn’t been bad.

“I’m fine, Blake.”

Elysee thought she spoke in a fairly clear voice, but she was pressed so hard against Blake’s chest that only a murmur could be heard.

“How can you say you’re okay when you are trembling like this?”

‘No, it’s you—not me—who’s shaking right now.’

It appeared that Blake wasn’t sane. With the Order of the knights watching behind his back, Blake was fumbling around—frantically checking her body for injuries. Elysee was very embarrassed.

Elysee managed to pull her hand out of his grasp and remove his hand from her earlobe.

“I’m really okay. So please let me go.”


“Come on.”

Blake was forced to let her go due to her determined tone. Even after that, his trembling eyes scanned her for any traumas.

‘Should I say it’s a relief?’

Blake was so distracted by Elysee that he hadn’t paid any mind to Mary’s strength.

Elysee chose to release a breath she had been holding. Only after she was convinced that her voice would be no different from usual that she looked at Mary and opened her mouth.

“Mary, thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been in big trouble. Are your hands okay?”

“Yes, of course. It was just a little iro—o-n-on…?”

Elysee pretended to be moved and quickly pulled her head and hugged her, not forgetting to sneakily cover Mary’s mouth. Gritting her teeth together she fiercely whispered “(Shut up),” Mary nodded.

Meanwhile, everyone had been frozen as they watched them, and belatedly burst into astonishment.


“That maid just now…”.”

Elysee hugged Mary, turned around, and naturally hid Mary with her body.

“I think you should show your hand to the doctor, so please go to my room.”

Then, she held her hands well and wrapped them around with a handkerchief. Of course, there was crushed iron inside. For the destruction of evidence.

Mary, who watched her, nodded resolutely and limped toward the main building.

‘…Why are you limping?’ [t1v: HAAAA]

Mary seemed to think that she should pretend to be injured.

Nonetheless, Elysee had solved Mary’s dilemma instantly and turned around in relief. And immediately her eyes met intense blue eyes. Blake’s face was close enough to touch her, Elysee was so startled she stumbled back.

He hurriedly supported Elysee, which saved her to circumvent a troublesome fall.

‘What? Just now….’

Elysee leaned on him and stiffened because of the violent emotions found in Blake’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the two knights rushed to kneel in front of them. One seemed to be the owner of the blade, and the other seemed to be the one who broke the blade.

“I’ve committed a crime worthy of death. Please punish me.”

“I’ll take any punishment willingly.”

The two knights shouted almost at the same time and bowed their heads to touch the ground. Claude, the commander of the Black Knights, also knelt down with them.

“It’s my responsibility as the leader. I’ll take responsibility for everything.”

Elysee leaned against Blake’s arms and quietly looked at them.

‘Hmm… What should I do?’

The sound of Blake’s heart ringing in her ears was fast and loud. Anger, anxiety, fear, murder. All of that would be intertwined and make him violent. She had a foreboding that if she didn’t step up, one of them would lose their life.

Elysee pulled herself together and looked up at him.

“Your Grace, this is not just their fault.”

It was a little scary to face his blue eyes, but Elysee spoke firmly,

“I was amazed by the astonishing skills of the Frozen Knights. As His Grace has said, there was nothing lacking and no shortage of praise for being the two pillars of the empire.”

At her sudden praise, both the knights and Blake remained silent, not knowing what to say.

“But perhaps poor quality swords have been distributed, the kind that should be for daggers. My maid is said to be skilled and ‘strong’ but she was able to ‘crush’ it with her bare hands.”

Elysee said with a cutesy articulation on a few words.

Claude, the Knight Commander, clenched his jaw. What the Frozen Knights used for practice was blunt steel containing mana. It wasn’t something worthy of being called poor quality.

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VGD – 27

Perhaps because he was moved by her silence with her head bowed down, Blake gently caressed her hair and kissed her round forehead.


Elysee raised her head and looked into his blue eyes. She made her thick eyelashes tremble and touched his chest.

“Blake… comfort me. I need you.”

She could clearly feel his heart thumping hard and rapidly.

“Gladly. I’d be happy to.”

He instantly united Elysee’s robe which fell under the sofa. Blake’s hand, which lifted her lightly and laid her down on the sofa, was soft and cautious.

“As I said before, I won’t make you lonely.”

His big, hot hands slid under her slip. With a drunken expression on her face, Elysee tilted her head and slightly parted her lips, her breath heavy with the sweetness and pungentness of wine.

Blake settled between her smooth legs. Under the rolled-up slip, the mesh underwear was lustfully wet.

“Uh-huh…. Blake….”

Elysee called his name with passionate delight.

Blake groaned low. Every move she made, every act, seduced him. It was simply impossible to maintain reason.

Blake, whose face was buried between Elysee’s soft breasts, did not see her smile. As he sucked her upright pink nipple, she peeled off her wet underwear.

He couldn’t afford to focus on foreplay today and Elysee didn’t seem to want it either as she spread her legs wide open for him. Her flesh swallowed him in as if she was sucking him in. He growled low as he entered her—perhaps because of her drunkenness—she felt hotter than usual.

Once tasted he couldn’t stop, it was a pleasure much stronger than a drug, swirling through his entire body. It was so thrilling it made him shake. The stronger the thrusts, the harder the breathing, the greater the passion.

He coveted her like a beast, and she comforted him by trapping him between her legs as if she was taming him.

It was the beginning of a long night.


“I’ve been granted permission.

The next day, Elysee called Mary into the room and announced the good news. The maids who were helping her were outside the room, waiting for a while.

“From today forth, Mary, you are my maid of honor.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes, I said you were my sixth cousin’s sister-in-law’s maid.”


Mary tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.

“Anyway, I think so.”

“Yes! Thank you, Elysee!”

“It’s good to be lively.”

Elysee smiled and rose from her seat.

“Where are you going?”

“Yes, I’m going to greet the Knights with Blake. Follow me.”

Mary nodded with a grim look.

“This is the beginning of the mission.”

“No, relax your shoulders. Don’t make that face.”

“Oh, yes.”

She quickly returned to her characteristically bright face.

Unlike a few days ago when she visited him alone at night, Elysee was now neatly and elegantly groomed, and then went to the training field with Blake.

Blake glanced at Mary, who was following Elysee, once or twice before he quickly ignored her and turned his attention to his wife.

The Knights were in the midst of training. Conscious that the hostess was watching, the sound of their shouts was loud.

“The Knights of Prussia are no less prestigious than the Knights of Nephrus of the Imperial Family. The three Knights of Blue, Red, and White take turns defending the borders, nature, and major bases of the ducal principality. The Knights that are guarding the palace are now the Blue Knights.”

“I see. It’s amazing to see in person.”

Elysee looked closely at the knights who were engaged in the battle. Some knights’ swords were spewing some kind of light.

‘What’s that? Is that a lightsaber?’

Elysee, once a fan of <Star Wars>, leaned forward without realizing it. Magic was amazing, but lightsabers were a dream of hers.

Blake, who was conversing with the commander about the Knights, momentarily did not see her behavior where the accident happened instantaneously.

A knight’s sword, which was engaged in a more intense spar than usual, broke and flew toward her.


The blade of the sword whirled towards her at a rapid speed. Elysee blinked slowly and gazed at the piece of metal flying towards her.

‘Am I going to die? What happens if I die here?’



With a sudden shout, someone’s hand grabbed the blade.


Elysee witnessed the piece of iron crumpled up like a sheet of paper under her nose.


Silence fell in the training hall.

Elysee turned her head slowly.


Mary scratched the back of her head with a sheepish proud face.

YSR – 63

Lillian, being embraced by a man for the first time, trembled. There was no pain. Saleos must have done something for her.

But pain and the discomfort of widening and filling her full were two separate issues. His erection was so gigantic that it seemed to fill her up to her stomach.

She was afraid that something might go wrong or something might rupture.

Unknowingly, Lillian started panting and while attempting to push back on Saleos’ firm shoulders. Saleos took the hand pushing against him, tenderly grasped her hand, interlocking their fingers, and kissed the back of her hand. With a strikingly charming smile and twinkling eyes, the sight calmed Lillian down.

“Relax, shh. It doesn’t hurt, does it? Right?”

His golden eyes started to glow a burning bright red. The moment Lillian encountered his eyes full of terrible ferocious passion, her lower abdomen seemed to constrict and she felt a piercing wetness. Lillian mewed unintentionally, caressing her belly that held his members.

“No, it hurts… It’s too big…….”

“It can’t hurt. Your insides are so soft that it’s melting and sticking. Your insides are chewing on my cock.”

Saleos whispered cruelly in a friendly voice. At the same time, his penis pushed itself in, all the way to his roots. He touched Lillian’s deep core inside. At that moment, Lillian’s eyes flashed.

“Ah, Huhhh! Oh!”

Saleos began to explore her insides slowly. At first, he moved softly as if to reassure Lillian. Then his thrusts gradually accelerated, his hard penis penetrating her insides like ripe pulp.

When his swollen head hit her sensitive spot that made Lillian struggle earlier, she couldn’t pull herself together. Every time he pushed into her, her whole body shuddered as if she had been electrocuted by a weak electric current.

“Uh! Oh, no… There……!”

“It’s not ‘no’, you like it, don’t you?”

Lillian shook her head in tears. Then Saleos grabbed her chin and kissed her. Like his tongue came through her panting lips, a big, hot cock came into her core. His rhythmic thrusts filled her body with joy.

“Do you know where you’re feeling it— it’s very deep, right?” [t1v: some people have an orgasmic spot/g spot near their cervce—learn more on my discord’s sex ed channel]

“I—I don’t know…..Ah! Ohh!!”

“Some people won’t even be able to reach it. It’s so greedy. It’ll never be satisfied unless it’s big.”

Saleos pushed his own deeper, panting. His strong waist, with a hot erection raging wildly and drove into Lillian.

His pillar rubbed against her insides, teasing and arousing her, then pulled out roughly and stabbed her weak spot.

As Saleos was relentless, her body was seized with a sense of pleasure that was so intense that the fluffy hairs on her whole body stood up.

“……Oh, my gosh!!”

The sweet vertigo, which was now familiar to Lillian now was overwhelming. Her mind flashed white and blank as her narrow interior tightened around his member and contracted greedily. Saloes then moved more violently with his jaw clenched.

“Soo-Yeon, Soo-Yeon……!!”

“Ah, no, no more! Hic, ahhhh!”

Saleos, who had not yet come down from his climax, shoved his penis to the root. Then he began to pound the inside violently from above.

Her wet pussy convulsed, with transparent liquid splashing from her wet labia. He stimulated the entire inner wall.

There was no pain, but the was problem the pleasure was excessive. Lillian’s head was dizzy because of the lack of oxygen, and her eyes flashed with stars’ extreme pleasure. She clung desperately to his shoulder, floundering like a butterfly drowning in honey.

Even though he would kiss her tenderly, her demon never let her go.

* * *

Suffering from last night’s hellish pleasures, she managed to get to work with a heavy body. Her face became haggard overnight, the gentle Enrique was startled.

“Are you ill or in pain? I’d rather you take sick leave.”

Enrique looked down at Lillian with a worried look. Her elegant eyes were reddening, and her lips were much more swollen than usual.

She must have had a fever. Enrique, who unintentionally reached out and touched Lillian’s forehead, while tilting his head in inquiry.

‘No fever.’

Lillian, who was silently receiving Enrique’s touch, pulled down her hand. And mumbled in a cracked voice.

“I’m fine. Never mind.”

“It’s okay. I’ll ask the administration for your early leave, so stay here for a while. I’d rather you go back home and rest today.”

Enrique spoke fast and left the office. She couldn’t believe he was going to apply for an early leave for his subordinate. It was really Enrique-like behavior.

Lillian, looking at Enrique’s disappearing back, closed her eyes. She had cried so much yesterday that her eyes were dry. She’d had only vaguely imagined what sex would be like, but her first experience was really amazing.


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YSR – 62

The sweet devil’s whisper soaked her ears. He promised not to hurt her. He wasn’t trying to rush it, but to reassure her.

“Ahhhh ohhh…..”

Lillian sat with her hands behind her back, her knees up. Her eyes were drunk and hazy, and hot breath flowed out of her red lips. Between her smooth, white legs was someone’s red hair moving obscenely up and down. As if to imply the lewd acts underneath it.

Every time he sucked between her white thighs her lower back trembled.

It was arousing, something was building up as her body got hotter. His firm fingers easily opened the petals of her wet secret. And something hot and soft pressed down on her bulging pearl.

“Oh, uh…!”

Lillian’s legs shook with the new sensation. Sensitive, she felt a small climax just from his tongue grazing her clitoris.

Saleos raised his mouth and gently rubbed his thumb over her center.

“Do you feel good? It smells like lust here.”

“Hugnnn, ah…… Ohhh!”

Every time his fingers rubbed her clitoris, her vision went blank. Lillian twisted her back to escape this hellish pleasure. Saleos held her thighs firmly and lowered his head again.

“Don’t refuse. I’ll make you feel it again and again.”

His wet lips gripped her pearl, sucked it, and poked her vaginal entrance with the tip of his tongue. The pleasure she felt every time he did so resembled mild vertigo. Lillian closed her eyes tightly to clear her swirling vision. The pleasure between her legs became stronger.

“It tastes sour like fruit. It’s not fully ripe yet, but it will soon.”

As if to prove the truth of his words, Saleos pushed a finger in. Lillian tightened inside unconsciously due to the sudden feeling of a foreign body. His finger squeezed in the narrow tunnel and rubbed against Lillian’s inner walls of her lower abdomen.

At the same time, Saleos began caressing her clitoris gently with the tip of his tongue.

It was a very strange sensation. The place he licked felt as if it would melt, but the fingers digging inside was strange, maybe that’s why her insides kept trying to push his finger away without realizing it. As if egged on his fingers ran wildly inside, rubbing around her inner walls, as if he was searching for something.

“Oh, I feel…… That’s, ahhh!!”

Lillian, who was about to complain with tearful eyes, suddenly moaned. As soon as his finger pressed down on a point, it was as thrilling as an electric current flowed through her body. What the hell was that? Lillian’s eyes got bigger.

“Here it is. Your favorite place.”

Saleos’ golden eyes flashed with cruel joy. At the same time, his fingers began rubbing the area in earnest. Every time Lillian couldn’t even moan properly and flinched.

There seemed to be constant sparks in her eyes. A lot of honey leaked out from her insides melted by pleasure. Her legs became damp, and she could hear the sound of wetness splashing in her ears. While ashamed of her lewdness, she was ecstatic, Lillian’s body beyond her control.

“Uh, Ahhh… Ohhh!”

Taking advantage of Lillian’s panic at the unfamiliar pleasure, the fingers that were going in and out of her core stretched to three. It was intense, but the pleasure was overwhelming and she couldn’t come to her senses.

His fingertips rubbed her inner wall like a ball of excitement arose and grew larger from within.

Saleos bowed over and licked her clitoris. Sucking her swollen nib with his lips he brought her to a climax. At that moment, Lillian, whose insides rumbled, reached a peak that she had never experienced before.

“Ha, uh… Ohahhhh!!”

Even while she trembled during her orgasm, Saleos did not lift his lips but persistently buried his face in her sweet-smelling pussy, gently licking off the flow of love liquid dripping off her genitalia.

And as Lilian’s body sagged and relaxed in the afterglow from her peak, her legs naturally softened and opened. Saleos slowly pushed his alarming organ towards her secret entrance.


“Are you scared? It’s okay. It won’t hurt.”

Really? Lillian asked back with a fearful glance.

Saleos was rubbing his large penis against her wet pussy. If something like that came inside of her it would be ridiculously painful.

Lillian licked her chapped lips, about to speak up but Saleos’ low voice spoke sweetly first,


At the same time, an object that could not even be compared to his fingers pushed inward towards her core.

Lillian’s green eyes widened from the shock. She could vividly sense his cock forcefully widening against her squeezing twitching inner walls.

‘Really…’s in!’

PCP – 71

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Damia searched the floor with her eyes.

Reluctantly, she headed for his room.

She swore she didn’t mean to eavesdrop from the beginning. She knocked on his door like a guest with common sense.

No, Damia was going to knock.

Then she heard her name pop up.

“So, have you ever met Lady Primula in person? What do you think?”

Damia’s hand, just about to knock against Akkard’s room door, froze.

Perhaps he already had a guest?

No, there wasn’t. Damia saw a bluish light peculiar to the magic communication, flickering through the bedroom door.

Akkard must be on a call with someone now.

‘But why did you mention me?’

Curious, Damia hesitated. But it was a mistake.

Since then, the revelations she heard from beyond the door were so great that she could never interrupt.

‘I should have knocked without hesitation,’ Damia regretted.

If she missed the timing, she should have turned right around and left. But she hesitated and never left and now the result was being caught red-handed eavesdropping by Akkard.

“How absurd.”

Akkard’s cold expression froze her in fear.

“I thought I’d brought a sick patient into my mansion, but now I see it was an eavesdropping rat.”

Damia blinked.

His quiet, unhurried words held a dangerous edge, harsh as Northern winters.

Perhaps this was Akkard’s true nature.

Most would have been shocked, outraged, or deeply hurt.

But Damia wasn’t too stunned.

She had the presence of mind to realize Akkard was being defensive since she had overheard such critical and sensitive information.

“I understand you are angry. It is warranted.”

A calm voice came out of the mouth of the woman he had lashed out at.

An irate Akkard was taken aback by her unexpected response and was stunned into silence.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Damia continued,

“First of all, I want to sincerely apologize. I can’t pretend it didn’t happen but I never meant to spy on your conversation.”

Damia’s face, with his head slightly lowered, showed signs of her exhaustion after her days-long illness. Perhaps because of that wariness?

Her apology came out with a particularly believable sincerity.

Akkard’s heavily frowning brow, slightly loosened.

But he couldn’t let her go like this. What she heard was classified matters.

Fortunately, it seemed Damia had no intention of just going. Damia, who opened his eyes gently, looked at his eyes. After confirming that Akkad’s anger was somewhat assuaged, she flashed a pure smile, like a young girl.

“Well, I’m a little brazen to request this amidst a situation where I eavesdropped on you but……..,can we have a conversation, if possible?”

“Conversation? What?”

Akkard asked, completely blindsided, while masking his expressions.

Inwardly he was trying to get over his embarrassment.

Since they met, Damia kept circumventing his expectations.

It made Akkard suddenly realize: The fact that he didn’t know anything about ‘Damia Primula.’

He had only been preoccupied with sleeping with her, which had no requirement of getting to know each other seriously in the first place.

So he had never wondered about Damia’s personal history. About what her likes and dislikes are, what she’s preoccupied with, and her interpersonal relationships…. all the things that make up the person called Damia Primula.

But at this very moment, Akkard was overwhelmed with an intense curiosity, wondering what she was thinking.

The first woman to arouse his private curiosity shyly lowered her eyes.

“I thought I could help you with your plan.”

Her red lips, as if they had been stained with wine, continued to move, declaring that he would not regret it.

Akkard blinked, finally overcoming an enchanting temptation that even a stoic king would fall to.

“……Okay, I’ll hear you out.”

He uncrossed his arms and nodded inward. Damia, who was taking steps without much thought, suddenly became conscious of their attire.

She was now only dressed in a robe over a pajama chemise.

With his long hair down, she suddenly became nervous to enter his personal space. Damia’s shoulder cowered a little as she passed by in front of him.

She could feel it even if she didn’t see it. Akkard’s sharp gaze grazed the side of her face to the back of her neck and eventually down her back.

Damia swallowed her saliva quietly.

She felt like she was being observed by a beast, so her backbone was crushed.

Maybe she was making a big mistake right now.

The fact that she overheard Akkard, and was about to make a life-altering proposal to him.

‘Still, I don’t know without trying.’

The moment Damia heard the name of Cesare from Akkard’s conversation, her mind flashed.

Damia immediately realized what her next move was.

‘There is a saying that the enemy of the enemy is a friend.’


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The person he thought about every night was standing outside his door. With a very complicated look.

“I-I’m sorry. I just… I woke up and the butler said this was your house. I had intended on meeting you and thanking you tomorrow because it was so late…. The butler sent me saying….’If you say thank you, I’m sure he’ll like it’…….”

Damia, who was usually calm and composed, stuttered in embarrassment. It was very unlike her usual self.

As soon as he met her shaky blue eyes, Akkard instinctively realized: Damia had overheard some of his conversation with the prince.

It wasn’t intentional. And now Damia knew that Akkard also noticed that she had overheard them.

“……I’m so sorry.”

Now Akkard understood Damia’s gibberish words and grasped the situation. He growled between his grinding teeth.

“Damn it, Sebastian-!!”

He should have corrected the butler’s misunderstanding earlier. But he had been too busy and had left it alone.

Sebastian, who misunderstood Damia and Akkard having a special relationship, had been determined to assist his master’s first romance.

He had been tending Damia until she got up, washed, and took soup and medicine. But as soon as she recovered to some extent, he urged her out:

‘Now, why don’t you say good night to my master before you go to bed? What? It’s late? Don’t worry about that! No matter when you visit my lord he’ll welcome it! Definitely! Of course!! Because he’ll be happy.”

Damia broke into a cold sweat when he saw Sebastian smiling widely, as he insisted. He was obviously an old butler with a gentle and courteous impression, but she felt an unknown strong pressure.

It was almost as if invisible hands had pushed her towards his room.

Oops, when she woke up from the pressure, she was already in the hallway. Damia hesitated, glimpsing the darkness that had fallen outside the window. But her escape route had been already tightly blocked by Sebastian.

“If you go up one more floor from here, it’s the master’s room. You can use the stairs that you can see on your right.”

Sebastian smiled as he gave directions. At this point, she couldn’t return to her room. Damia’s shoulders drooped and walked towards the stairs.


A complicated sigh of resignation escaped Damia’s mouth. She hadn’t remembered what had happened in the wagon because of her fever and passing out.

But she knew the situation roughly. Akkard gave her a deep caress, saying he would take off her clothes and warm up her cold body. And after that…

‘We probably did it. Maybe.’

Damia’s face darkened. Even after a few days, when she woke up from the sickbed, her legs were sore. Specifically, the muscles that went up and inside from her thighs that she didn’t usually use. She was sore.

To be honest, she didn’t feel good. Last time he had touched her in a locker and now he even approached a sick person. Akkard was truly a selfish prick ruled by his own desires.

‘Now…… I can’t get involved with him anymore.’

Damia knew herself well. She was serious and intense and Akkard couldn’t be committed, vulnerable, or a serious love interest. It wouldn’t be possible to get to know each other lightly.

She was a very burdensome woman.

But Akkard was a man who was the opposite of her. So the more she bumped into him the more Damia would be cut and injured—it would be a mess.

Between the lighthearted or the sincere-hearted, the sincere-hearted would lose when it came to it in the game of love.

‘Okay, just go say hello. I have to ask about Cecil anyway.’

Akkard may know the identity of the “things” Louise was trying to feed Cecil. After asking that, she would leave as soon as the sun lit the sky tomorrow.

It didn’t matter if Akkard answered as he knew, or if he pretended not to know and concealed information from her. Damia would do everything in her power to protect Cecil.

‘And when I leave here tomorrow.…..’

She would never get involved with the Akkard Valerian again.