VGD – 14

Giving up life-saving treatment didn’t mean giving up life. Elysee didn’t want to die. She wanted to live– even if it was just one more day.

She was an unwanted child, adopted and given up twice, and then she was adopted overseas and then abused by her’ parents.’ By the time she was in her adolescence, she had run away from home and hit rock bottom.

It was a stroke of luck that she started acting. However, considering what she had to go through to reach the top as an Asian immigrant, her life had never gone smoothly.

It was madly unfair to say that she had only a month or half a year to live at the longest. But on the other hand, Elysee was relieved that she could rest now.

Fatigue came belatedly. She had accumulated a lifetime of exhaustion. The week after the doctor broke the news to her, Elysee was in a haze; all she did was sleep and eat.

She ate junk food like chips, pizza, hamburgers, and french fries instead of the salad she used to nibble on. Similarly, Elysee had been someone who never skipped a day from exercising and now she became one with the sofa.

Whether there was drama or a commotion outside, she knew not; Elysee had turned off her cell phone for a long time. The only sound in her room was her breath. Elysee didn’t mind it; in fact, she considered her solace an award for her hard work.

Then one day, ‘he’ came. Cain Liberto, her lifelong colleague and rival.

[Elysee, I won’t let you die alone.]

Elysee grinned with the swollen face she had earned from her recent unhealthy habits.

[Why— what— you want to die together?]

The corners of his mouth went up smoothly at her joke. He grinned like a fierce beast and suddenly looked terrifying.

[How did you know?]


While pretending to be asleep, Elysee had really fallen asleep. Upon waking up, she shook her head to shake off the remnants of her dream. There were goosebumps all over her skin.

Elysee knew better than anyone else that there were more lunatics than she could anticipate. She didn’t mean to live life arrogantly even if she hadn’t heard Lucas’ warning. The next time she got hit in the head, it should be her own doing, not her opponent’s.

‘Of course, it’s best if I don’t get hit at all.’

But was life ever that easy? Fortunately, she was in a story where she had a script; things were set in place, there was logic and no outlandish whims of fate—so she knew how to weather a crisis.

‘If it were reality, there would be no such a thing.’

Elysee sat up. She was alone on the bed, stepped on the thick, soft carpet, groaned, and stood up. Her legs were shaking, but she managed to walk.

Elysee walked across the dark room to the window.

‘What time is it? I think it’s past dinner time.’

As soon as she pulled up the curtain, the dazzling sunlight poured in. Elysee was momentarily dazed.

“What ….No way—is it morning?”

It seemed busy outside. Right—Lucas was leaving in the morning. Her eyes widened with embarrassment. No matter how exhausted she was, she had never expected she would sleep the rest of the day and the whole night until morning.

‘I slept in on the day of the shoot! I’m screwed!’

Elysee, who rushed back to bed and pulled the rope, made a beeline for the bathroom. Now was not the time to wait for the hot water to come in. Elysee didn’t have any strength in her body, but she had to move fast.

After quickly washing up with cold water, she came out of the bathroom and met a face she hadn’t seen before. Even though Elysee’s face must have reflected her surprise, the other person she greeted Elysee politely; bowing in a neat maid’s robe,

“Nice to meet you, Your Grace. I am Kate Winsle, your maid of honour.”

Although she was on a tight deadline, Elysee knew well that the first impression with a person as big as the head maid was important. Elysee smiled smoothly.

“Nice to meet you, maid of honor. I don’t think I saw you yesterday.”

“I’m sorry. I was away for a family affair and came back this morning.”

“I see. Is everything all right?”

“Yes, thank you for your concern.”

Elysee was quite pleased with her attitude of not bothering to make long excuses and being straightforward. If she were competent, it would be a dream come true.


“You can call me Kate.”

“Yes, Kate. Today my brother…I heard Lord Clanton is leaving the castle. Has he already left?”

“No, he has prepared for his departure, but he hasn’t left the castle yet.”

“That’s a relief. I wanted to see him off.”

“Then you need to hurry up and get ready.”

“Yes. Please assist me.”

“Yes, your Grace.”

Kate, who bowed her head, summoned a maid who ran out. Then Elysee went directly to the dressing room and picked out several simple dresses that I could wear without a petticoat.

By then, the maid who left came back with several other maids, each of them assisting her in getting ready.

Naturally, Elysee’s wavy light purple hair was combed through and left down instead of twisted up in a fancy hairdo, and Elysee wore a simple dress she had picked out. Her makeup was light, simply adding a light pink color to the lips after skincare. It was appropriate for her age.

About half an hour had passed when the minimum decoration was completed with the help of the maids. Elysee confirmed again.

“He hasn’t haven’t left yet, right?”

Kate, who checked out the window, bowed her head and replied to her.

“Yes, the Clantons’ carriage is still in front, so I don’t think he has left yet.”

‘Thank God.’

With a sigh of relief, Elysee left the room. While walking down the hall towards the central staircase, Elysee ran into Bernard, the chief of staff. As if he was waiting for her to come out, Bernard approached Elysee quickly and greeted her.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep, Your Grace?”

“Yes, were you waiting for me?”

“Yes, the Lord skipped breakfast, saying he would share breakfast with your Grace. The food is still….”

“At this hour? Where is his Grace?”

“He’s at the training field, watching Lord Clanton and the Knights of Nephrus battle.”

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VGD – 13

Elysee lay on the back bed with a thud. Then she beckoned wildly to him.

“Come on. I’m going to pretend to be asleep from now on.” 

Once again, it was no good to have the same situation occur as before.

The corners of his mouth twitched again, perhaps because her frightened expression was funny.

“See you soon.” 

With those words, he disappeared in an instant. Perhaps it was through the window, for a cool wind swept through the room and ceased.

She didn’t know how he knew, but as Lucas said, Blake arrived shortly. He came in without knocking, thinking Elysee was sleeping and closed the door very carefully.

There was a carpet on the floor, so she couldn’t hear him walking at all. Elysee closed her eyes and did not open them.

‘Why are you here again? Are you going to kill the new bride?’

Elysee was distracted and lost in thought because she couldn’t tell where he was.

If this guy from the Upper World had a problem and went into Lucas’ body, is it Lucas’ soul that’s in Blake’s body now?

Prince Blake Freysen was not in a large number of scenes. There was no way of knowing what kind of character he was in a timely manner.

‘How do I check?’

When Elysee was troubled, suddenly a weight was on one side of the bed. He seemed to have climbed onto the bed. He was close enough for her to feel his presence.


Again. ‘Elysee’, not your ‘wife’. If they were in the midst of sex, they would call out names out of excitement, but why was he saying it now?

Considering his low murmuring voice, he didn’t intend on waking her up. His voice and breath were so close that Elysee was on edge.

Lying on her side, something caressed the nape of her neck down its curve. Maybe it was a finger. It slid slowly down her spine.

The blanket that was over her shoulders was pulled down. The cool air that touched her naked body and the tickling touch gave Elysee goosebumps.

His hands, coming down her back, swerved from her hips. He rubbed past the thickly swollen petals and wrapped his palm around her entire vagina.

‘What, what are you doing…?’

Haaa, a low sigh fell from his mouth.

It wasn’t easy to pretend to be asleep in this situation. Because of the tension, the inside and below her stomach fluttered. Elysee became more stiff because she didn’t know his intentions.

After a few gentle caresses there, he thrusted a finger into her entrance. His fingers were easily sucked in because semen and love juices had accumulated making his movements slick. Elysee had to bite her lip quickly so as not to moan.

Blake turned his wrist around as if to gauge, soon pushed in another finger. He turned his wrist again, bent his fingers, and pulled liquid out of her entrance.


She swallowed the sound, but was forced to flinch.

The white liquid held inside was splattered on the sheet with a splash. His finger came back in, and it slipped out quickly again. It seemed like he was extracting semen from her insides.

But her body, excited by his repeated actions, shed new blood. At last, he even slightly walked away. He slowly felt the tightening flesh as if biting his finger but eventually pulled out his hand as if he had given up.

Her breath was already rough and to the limit.

‘I think I’ll get caught.’

At this point, he didn’t know she pretended to be asleep. But if she opened her eyes now, the second round would begin. Even though she thought about it over and over, Elysee was sure she would get sick.

‘There’s a scene where I have to see Lucas off tomorrow.’

Managing one’s body condition was an actor’s responsibility. Elysee closed her eyes with more determination and pretended to sleep firmly.

She didn’t know if he didn’t notice, or if he knew she was pretending to be asleep, but fortunately he simply acted with his original purpose.

He carefully wiped between her legs with a warm damp towel. Her uncomfortable bottom now became refreshed. Even if Elysee wanted to soak in the bathtub and wash herself clean, she had to remind herself of her resolution.

‘Hold it in, hold it in.’

While Elysee was comforting herself, rationalizing that today’s humiliating retreat was for tomorrow’s advance, a popping sound was heard. Blake seemed to have opened a vial as a pungent medical scent entered her nose.

‘…Are you even going to apply some medicine?

Even though she didn’t want to admit it, her heart was tickled. It felt so good to be cared for.

He applied medicine meticulously to her inside tunnels and outside lips. His fingers felt a little cold and slippery, but thanks to her diligence, Elysee was able to not get excited successfully.

It wasn’t until he applied enough medicine that he pulled out his fingers. Once again, there was a low sigh. He was sweet, trying to calm down and breathe.

‘You’re damn sweet.’

Elysee had no choice but to admit it. Whether he had a crush on the original Elysee or because it was his wife. Blake Freysen cared a great deal for Elysee.

He hugged Elysee’s back, hugging and spooning her gently, caring not to put any weight on her. His body was hard and hot. The heat passed through his touch and warmed up Elysee’s body.

‘Then I’d rather have this man….’

Let’s try to seduce him, Elysee thought.

It was quite familiar for Elysee to seduce and exploit without believing in love. Blake would have no choice but to indulge her.

There was a slight smile on Elysee’s lips.

It wasn’t bad to be in a legitimate position to seduce such a good man.

TPCP – 18.1

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“Why, before, when Lucerne came to get permission from the Lord to marry… everyone heard. That the reason he’s proposing to Elisha is because…… because Elisha is in a pitiful situation.” 

“And what else did he say?” 

After hearing Elisha’s subdued voice, Carola’s lips went up like a straight shot. 

“And he said, I want to marry a woman who has a ‘no chance of her parents being upset.’ I want to marry Elisha because she’s a ‘powerless, poor and desperate aristocrat’.….” 

Carola pretended to cry as if she was affected by what Lucerne said. He said he wanted to marry a woman who becomes a ghost at any time. 

“Carola’s heartaches. There’s nothing more precious than affection between men and women. Carola would be so sad if we were in Elisha’s shoes!” 

(PR: Carola has a habit to talk in 3 pov so when she says “we were in Elisha’s shoes” she is referring to herself only)

Carola’s voice became clearer and louder. 

“Elisha has been under Jacob’s protection all this time. Actually, wouldn’t Carola, his wife, care for Elisha? Carola says this with the same heart as her mother’s sister.” 

A smile spread across Ariane’s mouth. 

“I didn’t know the inside story, but it’s heartbreaking to hear it. Elisha is a very innocent-looking person, so I hope you don’t get hurt.”

Ariane and Carola thought that Elisha’s pride would be destroyed. As if she had never been a laundry maid, Elisha’s back was upright and her eyes calm.

‘The only thing left is pride for fallen aristocrats like myself.’ 

It was the Cartier family’s daughters-in-law that could destroy a powerless fallen noblewoman in a single blow with their mouths. 

“Elisha needs to know what everyone knows, right?” 

Carola looked around with her eyes wide open and asked, Ariane retorted;

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you. Now that I’m looking at the situation, you should really appreciate the gesture. Why don’t you say thank you?” 

Ariane especially looked forward to seeing Elisha humiliated.

‘I wish you would cry. If you do it in front of the Lord, it will be great.’ 

But far from crying, Elisha looked very relaxed. 

“Why should I?” 


“Carola, why are you crying about what we all know? Did the High General ask you to tell me? You have a cheaper mouth than pigeons delivering a whole book.” 

Carola doubted her ears. It was even the way she spoke. She had heard this way of speaking before. Lucerne spoke this way. His words struck you like a club on the back of the head, leaving you stunned. 

‘What’s going on?’

Carola quickly changed her expression as if she were naive. 

“Carola’s good intentions…….” 

Elisha looked at Carola incredulously as if she were a strange person. 

“Good intentions? Where are your good intentions?”

Elisha retorted without giving Carola a chance to answer. There was even a cold smile around her mouth. 

“First of all, you’re insulting your husband. I know you and Jacob are a very happy couple, so did your husband get married after seeing your mother?” 


“Besides, arrogance is the virtue of the nobility. If there are a hundred couples in the world, there are a hundred different types of relationships. So what if he is attracted to my poor family background? Why is that not love? Your premise is baseless without any context.”

“Well, it’s not like that. Carola is—” 

“And besides.” 

Elisha spoke clearly and cut off Carola. 

“Why do you say that I don’t have my own family? Don’t tell me, did you all forget how Lor the Great died?” 


“How can someone who cares about me bring up my father’s story on my wedding day?”

As if she found it genuinely strange, Elisha tilted her head. She donned an expression like she really didn’t understand. It was Jacob who killed Elisha’s biological father, Lor.

“That’s in the past. How can you be so rude? Do you want to hide the past?”

Jacob raised his voice. Jacob was an ugly man with a stubby nose and rough skin. Jacob’s big face turned red and green. 

“Are you actually blaming my family? Tell me!” 

Jacob, who was drunk, slurred. It was then. 


It was that moment, Lucerne kicked Jacob’s chair leg with his long legs. Jacob fell on his back.


Jacob made a pig-like snort. He belatedly noticed what happened to him and scrambled to his feet. 


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The reception hall was right next to the chapel. The venue for the reception was even more astonishing. What caught Elisha’s eye, in particular, were the items adorning one table. 

‘This is……’ 

Elisha looked through them. 

‘A piece of a saint’s body, a dragon’s neck, the costly paintings of a famous artist.’ 

They were significant objects. The fact that they’re separated……. 

“What are you looking at?”

Someone approached Elisha. Elisha turned her eyes away. It was Marco’s wife, Arien. She was very thin and elegant. 

“It’s a gift from the grandchildren to celebrate Gaju’s birthday not too long ago. Is it interesting?” 

“………I thought it was great. It’s full of rare things. Especially the hard to obtain bone fragments of the saint and prophet Ristral.” 

The saint’s corpse was one of the most expensive items at the temple. Sculptures of a saint brought God’s protection, so every time one died, the temple held a raucous auction. Elisha thought it was dreadful.

“Ho-ho, that’s my husband’s gift. You have a more discerning eye than I assumed.” 

Arien’s expression seemed to ask where she would have seen such a precious object. Elisha knew Arien. 

During her previous life, when Jacob and Marco were fighting in the War of Succession, Marco kidnapped Elisha since she was known as his aide and detained her for several days to threaten Jacob.  

Marco beat Elisha and handled her harshly, and Arien had her starve and helped Marco by tormenting her with verbal insults every day. She was a cruel person to Elisha. 

Elisha looked around the room. There was no one in her previous life who did not abuse and torture Elisha. 

Except for Lucerne, it was a feast full of enemies. 

But in the middle of the room, there was a luxurious setting, and she was wearing a sparkling gown. 

‘What is this?’

There was a smirk. The Head beckoned Elisha. Lucerne was talking with Gaju about something.

“Come here.” 

Elisha approached Gaju curtsied, bowing her knees. He slowly moved his wrinkled face to look at Elisha. 

“Indeed, I don’t understand Lucerne’s whims. But since you’ve won against his obstinacy not to marry, you’ve already made a contribution to the house.” 

Jealousy spread over the faces of Carola and Arien. Gaju referred to the couple as one in mind and body. If the wife won favor, her husband’s chances of succeeding the Cartier dukedom increased. 

‘How amusing, thinking of your wife as a watch piece that can be replaced at any time.’ 

Internally, Elisha smirked at them. Lucerne caressed Elisha’s back. 

“She’s a pretty intriguing woman. She’s interesting.” 

Gaju looked as if he could not discern Lucerne’s intentions.


The banquet went as predictably as ever. There was the courtship of the candidates trying to win the Head’s favor while Lucerne alone stood aloof. And, of course, the wives who tried to assist their husbands. 

‘Why do you keep staring at me?’ 

Elisha was concerned that Carola kept looking at her without blinking throughout the banquet. Elisha frowned inwardly.

It was then. 

Carola suddenly acted strangely.


Carola covered her mouth and suddenly began to tear up. And everyone froze and started to whisper as if they were anticipating an amusing performance.

‘What are you doing, Carola?’ 

Jacob quickly approached and asked anxiously, 

“What’s wrong, Carola?” 

“Really, Carola is so happy……you know. Husband and I, we ‘cared for’ Elisha so far. Elisha, who’s been protected from our ‘below,’ met such a great groom. It’s so touching……. So, without realizing it, tears…….” 


The Head’s brow frowned. However, Gaju did not respond to Carola’s foolishness because he knew she was actually smart. Somehow he began to observe Elisha and Carola. 

“Thank you for congratulating me.”

Elisha answered with a calm and detached voice. 

“It’s the people of this mansion who have provided me with a safe place so far. Thanks to this grace, I even got married. My husband paid my ransom, and everything went well, so let’s have only good feelings in the future.” 

Gaju’s eyes became strange. He imagined a fool, someone who was doing their laundry since she was a child, but unexpectedly, Elisha’s words were witty.

Gaju knew Carola’s words were far-fetched. An ordinary person would get angry when the people who captured her abused her and had her do tasks like laundry said something like this. 

But at the same time, Elisha calmly passed over, stressing that “there is no more debt between us.” It was to acknowledge, liquidate and end her past as a laundry maid. 

Furthermore, by saying, ‘I’ve been safe,’ she implied that she was a bride, not inferior to her sisters-in-law. 


Carola’s lips quivered. 

“Is there a problem?” 

Elisha asked softly. 

“…Carola wishes Elisha would be a beloved bride. Sincerely.” 

Elisha realized that Lucerne was watching her as if amused. Before she knew it, everyone’s eyes were on her. 


Carola slowly opened her mouth, enjoying his gaze. Especially since she didn’t usually get much attention from Lucerne. 

“What, the High General?” 

“So, Carola wonders if Elisha is mistaken about why Lucerne is marrying Elisha…….”

YSR – 51

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Lillian stood with her hands together as if she had been a sinner. Then the man who shed her disapproving eyes gave a cold look and spat out,

“Where’s Marquis Evans?”

“He’s gone for a moment,”

Lillian answered calmly, but her head was in turmoil. Her career as a lifelong supporting actress gave her a lot of experience. She could guess a lot just from the man’s question.

Although the man was tall and strong, he didn’t seem to be a knight. His outfit and the title he addressed Enrique by were a testament to that. If he were a knight, he would have called him “General Commander Evans” or “Sir Enrique.”

He instead cited Enrique’s peerage, the Marquis of Evans, even without honorifics due to high-ranking nobility

‘That means he is a noble of higher rank than the Marquis.’

He was at least a Marquis, maybe a Duke, or if she was really unlucky, a member of the royal family. Lillian, who hit such a man hard, was scared.

The man’s thorny eyes poured out a pricky glare towards Lillian.

“Who are you? I know there’s a different aide to the Marquis of Evans.”

“Excuse me. My name is Lillian Rossetti, and I’m a temporary assistant, replacing Lord Kale during his vacation. May I have the name of this distinguished guest, sir?”

Lillian greeted him as politely as possible and asked his identity discreetly. Then, the man’s face was more irritated than before.

“How ridiculous! An assistant asking me a question? I don’t know how the Marquis of Evans educates his subordinates. Aren’t you dozing off during office hours— how dare you put your hands on me!”

It was the truth. His face was so pretty, but he had such a nasty temper.

Lillian was annoyed, but the man must be too high-status to face him openly. Recalling her own circumstances as a fallen aristocrat, she was deeply saddened. So she decided to overcome the crisis by taking advantage of this feeling.

“…… I’m so sorry. I’ve caused great offense.”

A remorseful voice left Lillian’s mouth. At the same time, her elegant eyes moistened. The man who saw this showed a slight sign of fluster even though he was annoyed. Lillian didn’t miss the opportunity and opened her mouth while pitifully sniffling.

“I beg you for forgiveness, but my only father has recently disappeared…… I couldn’t sleep well at night due to anxiety and tension. I know that I shouldn’t drag my personal issues into public office hours. But if anything happens to him, I……!”

Lillian, who was stuttering, finally began to sob with tears in her eyes. Her father, Herbert, of course, had already died. But there were only two people who knew this, herself and Saleos.

Fortunately, Salos was a devil, so he could transform himself into a different shape. He turned into Herbert as promised before and dawdled into town a few times. It was to secure Lillian’s alibi. A few days ago, Lillian finally filed a report of her father’s disappearance. Lillian’s crying lament, which had no visible fault, was even more potent.

“Hic-hiccup… Where are you? What are you doing now? When I worry about my father, I can’t sleep at all.….”


The man seemed perplexed by the sudden reversal of the atmosphere. Until earlier, he was lecturing absent-minded, lazy aides during office hours. But now, he felt like trash admonishing a poor lady who lost her father.

The drastic turn in events shook the man’s raised eyebrows.

Lillian glanced at the man’s face, pretending to wipe her tears. He still looked annoyed, but he showed signs of wanting to run away from this situation. He seemed to be the type who was ill-equipped and unprepared for dealing with emotions—a low-EQ avoidance type of man.


Seeing this, Lillian’s eyes sharpened and gleamed. Since he had held her hostage just a few moments ago, she wanted to give a taste of his own medicine. Sneakily, Lillian obstructed the closed door with her body, pretending to lean against the wall. After so thoroughly blocking the man’s retreat, she burst into tears. [t1v: HAAA!]

“I’m so— hiccup— so sorry!! As a recipient of the kingdom’s salary, I shouldn’t do this. When I think of my father—uh, without realizing it.…!”


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YSR – 50

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Blinking blankly, Lillian woke up surprised by the sensation of a pen falling from her hand. She looked around the office quickly, but fortunately, there was no one. She promptly rubbed the corners of her mouth while picking up her dropped pen.

‘Good, I don’t think I was drooling.’

Recently her energy consumption had been so extreme. Lillian, a former supporting actor, literally had to make an effort to overcome her fate to survive and become a main character.

With this goal, during the day, she was an aide in Enrique’s office and fought with the monsters conjured up by Saleos at night. Thanks to this, Lillian killed an Orc. Additionally, she almost mastered the foundation of the Meyer sword style.

Of course, she still looked away from the corpses of the monsters she killed, but what of it? She still did her training. Thanks to this, Enrique was pleased to see Lillian’s skills growing exponentially, day by day. Ignorant, he was delighted to see that Lillian had become stronger thanks to ‘his’ guidance.

“Probably because you’ve trained your body in the past, you’re learning quickly. Although fighting styles have changed a bit…… you’ve seemed to be getting stronger. It’s exciting.”

It was a pleasure to be praised by a real elite like Enrique. Especially for Lillian, who is hungry for recognition and attention. However, it was good that the results of the efforts were clear, but her body was likely to be ground down first. Lillian’s hand holding the pen trembled.

What kind of romance fantasy genre piece is this? It’s a passionate youth growth piece!

Her body was past it’s teens, but the schedule was more murderous than ever. As a result, Lillian instantly fell asleep as if she were fainting every night these days. Besides, she sometimes dozed off during the day, not being able to overcome his fatigue. Just like now.

It was fortunate that she dozed off only when Enrique was away. Sincere and upright, he didn’t like those people dozing off during business hours… Yawn… I’m sorry.….

Lillian’s eyes were slightly and slowly…dimly closing… again. The weight of her eyelids were too heavy to lift, even for a Sword Master. She fell asleep as if she were being sucked into a bottomless abyss. I was so tired that she was about to die.

“……look. Hey.”

It felt like someone was beckoning her from somewhere. Lillian, however, couldn’t wake up easily while her eyelids twitched with her effort to rose herself. It was a strange feeling as if her mind and body were separate and her consciousness was divided in half. She could hear but not stir.

Then someone grabbed Lillian’s shoulder as if he was frustrated. It was a brutal hand gesture. Lillian’s surprised eyes flashed open.


The sudden violent touch was like an attack. Lillian recalled the Orc in the fantasy battles Saleos had coached her through during the last training session. Orc’s fierce and violent breath excited by the battle, and his fist wielding his weapon with his force. It was indeed a frightening experience.

Lillian’s half-asleep instinct categorized the strangers’ touch as the same threat. Her body moved before her head woke up, twisting the shoulder and holding their arm, and pushing the attacker against the wall. It was one of the counterattack techniques that she had recently learned under the Meyer sword art.

“……who are you?”

Only after pressing the opponent’s body against the wall did Lillian blink. The man frowned as his elbow was crushed. His breath seemed to be blocked by the sudden attack, so he couldn’t even groan.

Lillian opened her eyes wide and looked up at the strange man. A man, a head taller than her had a terribly beautiful appearance. The long blonde hair tied together was as shiny as the sun, and the eyes distorted by pain were vivid red. His perfect lips groaned annoyingly at Lillian.

“How dare you— Will you not remove this hand?”


Surprised, Lillian quickly released him. Then the man rubbed his arm and grumbled. It must have been very painful. Lillian was a little apologetic.

Of course, she wasn’t apologetic for hitting him. The man was the first to do wrong. How dare he touch someone else’s body, and a knight at that! It was self-defense. But apart from that, Lillian was sorry towards him for one thing.

‘I can’t believe you mistook such a handsome man for an orc.’

No matter how much she was half asleep, it was an insult to beauty.

IBMV – 34

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While I was still in my thoughts, my makeup and hair was finished.

 “My lady, it’s all done.”

 The maids were proud of their incredible work.

 I was also happy with their skills.

 I changed into the dress I chose earlier.

 After wearing the headdress and earrings, my ensemble was complete.

 With each step, hundreds of jewels sparkled along with the hem of the rich dress.

 The maids gathered their mouths and praised me in unison:

 “You are so beautiful!”

 “You’re dazzling.”

 The result couldn’t be bad because I put money and effort into it.

 I went down to the front door on the first floor. I bid goodbye to the maids.

 Kian was waiting for me in front of the carriage.

 As the main character of the day, he wore a suit embroidered with gold thread on the neck and sleeves. He looked splendid and dignified.


Kian’s eyes, who found me, grew slightly bigger. I approached him with quick steps.

 “You look great today.”

 His white cheeks turned red.

 Was it embarrassing to hear compliments?

 Said Kian, looking at me with a reddish face,

 “Olivia is also very beautiful.”

 I said thank you and laughed.

 When Kian and I got into the carriage, the coachman urged the horses with all his might.

 The carriage passed through the main gate of the Imperial Palace and stopped in front of the main castle.

 Through the passage lined with guards, we reached the Great Hall, where the award ceremony was held.

 Said the guard, who stood guarding the large door painted in gold and red,

 “Princess Ashford and Mr. Kian. Why don’t you eat inside?”

 At the knight’s glance, the guards standing on both sides pulled the doorknob.

 The massive doors slowly opened, and the dazzling light of the chandelier poured out. The voices of people that were a faint murmur grew louder and louder.

 However, the moment Kian and I entered the hall, the sound of the commotion faded out.

 And what followed was curious gazes pierced us like arrows.

The nobles in the hall looked in our direction and gossiped.

 “Oh, that’s the man who… … .”

 “He is beautiful, as rumored.”

 “Isn’t that Lady Olivia next to him?”

 “I heard that man was her slave…….”

 “Shh, he’s going to be a noble, remember?”

 Although the pouring attention was uncomfortable, there was no sign of hesitation in Kian’s steps.

 Thanks to that, I was able to listen to people’s whispers without incident.

 There was quite a bit of time left before the ceremony began, so some nobles started to greet me.

 Some of them greeted me, trying to naturally meet Kian.

 Each time Kian said, with an innocent smile,

 “As you know, I am not used to such a place or to this position. I hope you understand that I am unable to respond to your conversation.”

 It was an euphemism for, ‘Don’t talk to me. It’s annoying.’

 “Yes, is that so? Haha, I didn’t think much.”

 Baron Bardo laughed to hide his embarrassment.

 He was the third person to be rejected by Kian.

I watched the scene with an embarrassed smile.

 Even in the novel, Kian said he hated the imperial nobility, so it may be because of that that he rejected them all.

 I expressed my regret at those who had their hands stabbed while trying to see the beautiful rose up close.

 After the fourth person was rejected, a voice injected:

 “Oh, are you using such a poor excuse because where you are from?”

 It was Marquis of Stanley.

 He was the empress’s cousin, who believed in her favor and was known for talking wildly.

 He had a bad reputation in the social world because he offended many

 The Marquis of Stanley was sarcastic.

 “Huh? Please say something back.”

 However, Kian didn’t bother to respond, as if it was beneath him.

 He didn’t want to cause disputes before the ceremony, so he just stopped talking. Instead, he looked at the Marquis with an expression of observing a barking dog.

 The marquis’ expression twisted when Kian thoroughly ignored him, and I received a contemptuous gaze on his behalf.

 The Marquis clicked his tongue. Then he muttered,

“It was said that a slave resembles its master… … .”

 I doubted my ears for a moment. What was that man saying now?

 It was when I was about to respond. A blue light flashed, and a painful sharp scream struck my eardrum.


 Marquis of Stanley grabbed one ear and howled.

 Everyone looked bewildered because they didn’t know what was going on.

 Kian said to the Marquis in a cool voice that seemed to freeze the air.

 “Apologize for insulting Princess Olivia.”

 “My ear, my ear… … !”

Marquis Stanley then shouted in pain, wrapping his hand around his right ear. A young nobleman next to him approached the Marquis and asked,

 “Marquis, are you okay?”

 “Blood… … The blood doesn’t stop… … . Healer, call the healer!”

 “Yes? But… … .”

 Marquis Stanley interrupted the young nobleman and cried out to call the healer. People watching the scene murmured,

 “What? What happened?”

 “What’s wrong with him?”

 The Marquis of Stanley’s right ear was perfectly attached. Nevertheless, he screamed painfully as if his ear was cut off.

The nobles who had not seen it clicked their tongues,

 “Sir Stanley, wake up. Your ears are perfectly fine and in place.”

 However, the marquis rushed past everyone like a madman and pushed them.

 A nobleman, who was about to fall down, shouted angrily,

 “What the hell is going on?”

 “You just tried to step on my ear!”


 Marquis of Stanley groped the bare floor, where there was nothing. He took the handkerchief out of his arms and wrapped it around something invisible.

 He shouted, roughly pushing his way through the crowd,

 “Get out of my way! Move! I have to go to the healer… … !”

 He ran out of the hall in a frenzy. As Kian glanced at the back of the retreating marquis, he whispered to me,

 “I cast a light hallucination spell. It will be released in a little while, so don’t worry.”

 Oh……. so that’s what Kian did.

 His voice became angry,

 “It doesn’t matter if I’m cursed at, but I can’t stand Princess Olivia being insulted.”

 Only then did I realize why Kian had troubled Marquis of Stanley.

 I whispered at Kian in a small voice,

 “Good job, Kian. I feel relieved.”

 Fortunately, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who thought so.


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IBMV – 33

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Underneath the Imperial Palace, there is a secret space that only emperors can enter.

 Emperor Sigmund III stood in front of a massive door.

 As he put his hand on a marble embedded in the middle of the door, the marble shined.


As if there were a weak earthquake, the ground shook.

 After a while, a dazzling light penetrated the view.

 The unfolding space was a vast white hall.

 The towering altar in the center was reminiscent of a temple.

The emperor stood before the altar dragging his white robe. He said, raising his arms up:

“Please accept my offer.”

 Then, as if God had answered, a pure white light poured over him.

He looked like a divine messenger.

 However, the reality was the exact opposite.

Just below the place where the emperor stood, a road of hell unfolded.

 Humans trapped in the dungeon downstairs.

 The emperor just offered their souls to the devil in exchange. The great devil who signed a contract with the emperor took their souls.

 Hundreds of people’s lives were lost in a single word. However, the emperor felt no guilt.

 In return, he was promised the prosperity of his empire. [t1v: damn, this author is a radical anarchist—I love it]

The glory of the empire will continue in the future, and no sinister prophecy will ever come true.

 But these days, there has been a person who has disrupted that belief.

A wizard awakened with a pillar of light. His presence made the emperor uneasy.

 It is worth rejoicing that a highest-rank wizard appeared in the empire. However, unlike ordinary wizards, he only developed magical powers when he became an adult.

 It was natural for him to feel apprehensive due to a mutant.

 The emperor concluded that it was necessary to investigate him.

 When the emperor left the hall in the basement of the imperial castle and returned to the audience room, the chief of staff bowed his head and said,

 “Sire, Sir Aaron requests an audience with you.”

 The emperor said as he sat on a luxurious throne decorated with gold,

 “Bring him in.”

 The attendant stepped back.

 After a while, a tall man fluttered his cloak and prostrated before the emperor.

 “I, Aaron, the imperial wizard, meet His Majesty the Emperor, the dignified sun of the empire.

 Aaron, who expressed his courtesy, raised his head, and the emperor asked,

 “What about the wizard?”

He didn’t say a name, but Aaron understood who the emperor was talking about.

 “If you are referring to the wizard Kian, he has indicated that he will join the Imperial Wizard Corps.”

 The emperor tapped his finger on the lion ornament carved on his throne’s armrest.

 The fact that he decided to become a member of the Imperial Wizard Corps implies that he will be loyal to the imperial family and the empire.

 “If he has decided to work for the empire, he deserves a title,”

said the emperor looking down at Aaron.

 “When would you like the awarding ceremony?”

 “The sooner the better. It’s also a great opportunity to test his abilities, your Majesty.”

 “You mean to test him by defeating the beasts of Mount Raindorf?”

 At this time of year, the Wyverns, which inhabit Mt. Raindorf, came down to villages and ate people. They used the nutrients to lay eggs during their spawning season.

 “Yes, Your Majesty. After the title awarding ceremony, how about sending Kian to take care of the Wyverns?”

 “I will entrust the work to the lord.”

 “I will receive your will with all my heart.”

 After Aaron left the office, the emperor rose from his seat.

 A top-ranking wizard suddenly appeared.

Will he bring prosperity to this empire, or… … .

 We don’t know yet.

 ‘So it would be better to keep him close and watch him.’

 As long as God’s protection is with you, the empire will never fall.

 However, if he becomes a threat to the existence of the empire, he must be destroyed.

 With this power attained by breaking taboos.

* * *

I was troubled by the variety of dresses displayed in front of me.

 Kian’s title conferment ceremony is scheduled to be held this afternoon at the Imperial Palace.

 Dozens of times, I put on and took off dresses.

 “Which one is the best?”

 “I choose the 12th dress you’ve changed out of.”

 “Ah, that’s not it. Doesn’t the 33rd dress suit the lady best?”

 The maids quarreled, giving their opinions.

 They ended with a popular vote, a white chiffon dress with pink jewels that resembled stars in the Milky Way winning.

 “Good. Then I’ll wear this one.”

 After finally choosing a dress, it was time to do hair and makeup.

 As I sat in front of the mirror being tended to by the maids, I remembered the conversation I had with Kian a few days ago.

 -Is it true that you’ve decided where to go?

 -Yes. I decided to become an imperial wizard.

 That was really an unexpected answer.

 How surprised I was when I first heard that.

 Considering the development of the original work, it would be better for Kian not to get entangled with the imperial family as much as possible. But perhaps because of my meddling, various parts of the story changed.

First of all, while Kian awakened his powers, he didn’t blacken.

 It felt absurd to block Kian’s choice because of a future that had not yet occurred.

 And I was strangely relieved that he did not leave for a place outside the empire.

* * *

IBMV – 32

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A few hours after Nicholas took Kian out to drink.

Kian returned to the mansion alone.

While enjoying and breathing in the night breeze on my room’s terrace, I spotted Kian who appeared at the front door of the mansion. I waved at him.

“Welcome back, Kian.”

Kian, who heard my voice, looked up at the terrace.

He smiled softly and said,

“Yes, I’m back, Ms. Olivia.”

He had a pretty smile whenever I saw him.

And maybe it was just my perception, but his expression seemed even brighter than when he first went out.

Nicholas took Kian to celebrate and vent out his problems amid this sudden upheaval of his life. Perhaps it was really helpful?

I leaned against the terrace railing and looked down at Kian.

“Didn’t Mr. Nicholas go out with you?”

Kian answered, his head still glazing up at me.

“He’s probably enjoying himself with a beauty right now.”

For some reason, I comprehended the situation without needing to ask about the details.

If he’s with a beauty, he’ll be fine.

Then Kian called my name.

“Miss Olivia.”


“Can you spare me a moment?”

“Of course.”

“Then I will go there.”

His appearance disappeared from my sight for a moment.

In a blink of an eye, Kian was on the third-floor terrace.

Slowly coming to me, Kian pulled something out of his arms.

“I have something for you.”

What he handed over was a luxurious velvet case.

What is this? It looks like a pretty expensive item.

Curious, I opened the box.

A brilliant green emerald hung on a silver chain and sparkled in the moonlight.

Surprised by the unexpected gift, I looked up at Kian.

“This …….”

“It’s a necklace with a protective spell. I thought Miss Olivia needed it.”

said Kian.

His gaze ran to my neck. He was referring to the broken necklace I had before.

I was going to call the wizard and order a new one…….

I was grateful for Kian’s thoughtful consideration of and looked at him.


The elegant design of the necklace seemed to go well with any clothing.

“I love it.”

The beauty of the necklace was impressive by itself, but most of all, it was a necklace that Kian enchanted personally.

Kian replied, his eyes smiling,

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

When I lifted the necklace, Kian suggested,

“I’ll hang it for you.”


Kian walked behind me. Carefully, he grabbed a handful of my long hair and placed it to flow on one of my shoulders.

An arm draped in front of me, and soon I felt a cold metallic object touching my skin.

After hanging the necklace, Kian explained,

“It will help in the event of an emergency. So always wear it on your body.”

I fiddled with the glowing emerald near my chest and nodded.

“I will.”

Kian smiled as he gently raised his lips. Kian asked if the magic tool wasn’t enough to reassure him.

“Did you find who was behind the assassination?”

I shook my head.

“I’ve commissioned the Information Guild to identify them, but there’s no news yet, but…….”

“Then, do you suspect someone other than Prince James?”


There is one, but I was apprehensive about uttering his name since he was such a big shot. I was a person who was reluctant to talk about it even though it was speculation.

So I didn’t even tell my father or butler…….

But I think I can tell Kian. He risked his life for me.

As I was looking around to see if anyone was around, Kian reassured me,

“I’ve put a spell around us, muting our words to others, so you can speak with confidence.”

Even though I knew he had cast a spell, my voice reflected my vigilance.

“Actually, I’m a little suspicious of the Crown Prince.”

“The Crown Prince?”

“Yes, he tried to tie our family to him to keep the Second Crown Prince in check. But I ruined his plan.”

If you were the Crown Prince, you could turn one of my relatives into a duke instead of me.

“And those assassins……. Only two men nearly wiped out the guards. It couldn’t have been easy to hire anyone who was so skilled.”

Kian was still listening to my story. Somehow the air felt heavy, so I quickly added.

“Of course, it could be a conjecture.”

“It could be true.”

If so, there is no evidence, so there is no way to use it.

I even got a present from Kian, but the atmosphere seemed too serious, so I decided to change the subject.

“By the way, what happened? With all those expensive gifts.”

I knew that the people who came to scout Kian offered a lot of bribes.

‘But can he just spend money like this… … ?’

As soon as I saw the necklace he bought, I knew that this emerald was a very valuable item.

Having lived a wealthy life (of course, while occupying this body other than me), I now knew the value of jewelry.

‘This emerald at least 100 million gallons.’

But Kian tilted his head, leaning towards me.

“Is it expensive?”

By asking, Kian expressed that he didn’t understand.

It’s clear that 100 million gallons was not a little thing…….

Why did Kian’s sense of money become strange?

My heart was burning. But I tried to rationalize, pretending not to know.

‘It can’t be because of me…… !’


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IBMV – 31

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However, Kian did not intend to do anything bothersome, like building a kingdom.

What would he do if he found the person who sealed his mana and took his revenge?

Besides, there was another difficulty when he became king.

Olivia would be the Duke of Ashford. But if he becomes the king of a country, how could he confess to her? She may not be pleased or willing to be a queen.

—I’m sorry, Kian. I’m grateful for your heart, but I have to take responsibility for the Dukedom of Ashford.

Kian was in agony just imagining it. Suddenly, he remembered Aaron’s suggestion.

‘First of all, I’ll have to get a title.’

As long as he became the highest-ranking wizard, it didn’t matter if he didn’t have a title.

Still, it would be better to have a decent title when standing next to Olivia. He shouldn’t look shabby when he stands by her side.

Kian emptied his glass of alcohol. The thirst that burned his throat for no reason had long disappeared.

When Kian, who organized his thoughts, tried to stand up, Nicholas grabbed him with regret.

“You haven’t even had much to drink. Are you leaving already?”


Instead of answering, Kian glanced at the empty glasses in front of them.

It would be quite a stretch to say he didn’t drink much.

Perhaps, by Nicholas’s standards, his liver didn’t get the memo.

“Drinking moderately is good for your health.”

“Thanks for your concern, but my liver is very healthy. Ten out of ten. That’s what doctors all say.”

He was going to say, “It’s probably because you’re young now,” but Kian shook his head slightly.

His warning would fall on deaf ears.

Nicholas took the pipe hook off his mouth, remembering something.

“Oh, yes! I almost forgot about this.”

Then he put his hand into the inner pocket of his jacket.

He took something out and handed it over.

It was a luxurious leather case the size of one hand.

“What is this?”

When Kian inquired, Nicholas puffed out hazy cigarette smoke and answered,

“It’s my gift to you.”

Kian was in disbelief. A gift? And so suddenly? Why?

Kian untied the corded string that was tied to the leather case.

Kian’s eyes grew slightly bigger when he saw what was inside.

It was a check. It had a pretty large amount on it.

“That’s in return for your help.”

Nicholas laughed darkly and awkwardly.

“Thank you for being a model for my paintings.”

Unbelievably, Nicholas was embarrassed.

It seemed that it was nerve-wracking to hand over such a thing.

Kian put the check back in the leather case.

“I’ll just accept your heartfelt thanks.”

Nicholas’ eyes grew slightly bigger at the unexpected answer. He asked curiously.

“No……why? Do you feel burdened by it?”

“Not really. I already have a lot of money.”

People from all over the world coming to take Kian home did not come empty-handed.

They did everything they could to get his preference.

Even if Kian did not choose them, there was nothing wrong with expressing good-will towards him.

He didn’t want it, but bribes poured down on him. As a result, Kian unexpectedly became wealthy.

“I’ll keep in mind what you owe me, so pay me back with something else later.”

Kian returned the check to Nicholas and said,

“Spend that money on good things that are good for you.”

Then Kian stood up. Nicholas grinned and bit his cigarette.

Then he grumbled as if a cold wind had hit him.

“Ah, you abandoned me, so I’ll find a new drinking buddy.”

Nicholas added, scanning the bar.

“Celine Claudel is finally an acquaintance, so I’ll go talk to her.”

As Nicholas said, the blonde actress was still in the bar.

She was drinking with a smile on her face with an artist he saw at the artists’ party one day.

“Are you going to ask her to be a model, too?”

When asked by Kian, Nicholas grinned and teased,

“Oh my, Kian. Are you jealous?”

“Are you crazy?”

Kian frowned as if he were overhearing nonsense.

Nicholas winked at him.

“Don’t worry, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. You’re always my number one priority.”


Kian regretted asking for no reason.

* * *

Kian took to the street. Street lights were flickering one by one, illuminating the darkness.

He could have gone to the ducal mansion in a flash with teleportation, but he decided to walk a little because he wanted to sober up.

A strong wind blew over the river carrying the light watery scent and scattered his silvery hair.

Thanks to a chilly wind, the worst of his intoxicant-induced haze was relieved.

He walked some more. After a while, he spotted a store across the street.

‘There are places to spend money, though.’

Kian strode away.

* * *