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Arien thought, perhaps she was dreaming with her eyes open.

She had never had a long conversation with Lucerne. The banquet hall was boisterous, but he stood aloof, looking distinguished amongst the crowd. All the women around him were stealing glances or outright staring at him in admiration.

And then Lucerne looked at Arien, and she gave her a light glance.

Just the meeting of eyes; thus inferring an acknowledgment and a greeting. That alone made the ladies also look at Arien, making her the object of jealousy at tonight’s party.

Indeed, witnessing it so close up, Lucerne was a truly horrifyingly beautiful man. Arien was tall for a woman, but his head was far above hers, making her feel unconsciously shy.

“Since the general’s marriage you’ve often attended banquets.”

Arien tried to keep a straight face as she spoke. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t as expressionless as Elisha nor graceful because she was awkwardly trying to suppress her reddening face. It was even more humiliating because her usual elegance was her utmost pride.

In fact, she hated seeing Lucerne at gatherings or banquets because… … . Because everyone in the world compared Marco to Lucerne.

People said that the potential successors of Cartier faded away when they stood next to Lucerne. It was even more so in Marco’s case because he was half-hearted in every way.

In aristocratic society, a couple’s reputation influenced an individual’s reputation. Each time, the prideful Arien shook her head.

But Lucerne is standing in front of her… … . Arien habitually and unconsciously compared Marco and Lucerne. It was like comparing stones to the finest of gemstones.

“I don’t think I’ll ask the General for help. But I appreciate your suggestion.” [t1v: looks like we’re getting cut into the end of a conversation]

“I don’t think so.”

“Excuse me?”

“I heard that there’s a property you want, when you raised your voice in the real estate office the other day.”

“… … .”

Arien’s face looked like it was being drained of blood. The land Lucerne referred to was the estate that was being prepared for purchase by order of her father-in-law, Merha. He had urged them to use a pseudonym so that it would not be revealed that he had purchased the land.

“How did you… … .”

“Don’t let others know what you want. A fundamental rule amongst the Cartiers, but unfortunately you are less informed about this family, Arien. My wife learns very easily.”

Lucerne’s expression suddenly turned dark.

“Did you know? Your husband propositioned my wife.”

“… … .”

“So, I am going to take away your husband’s precious things.”

“… … .”

“Your expression suggests that taking away that parcel of land would be more suitable than you.”

At that moment, Arien’s face turned white. Only then had she realized that Lucerne had made a fool of her.


Then Elisha arrived. Lucerne watched Elisha nonchalantly, then grabbed her by the waist, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her into an embrace.

“It looks like you had a good conversation.”

“Can it compare to talking to you?”

Elisha raised the corners of her lips slightly. She had asked Lucerne to do that very thing: Arien can’t stand being compared, so please do that.

She predicted that Arien must be in a state where she might explode from anger.

With the tiniest hint of disdain, Elisha calmly responded,

“Don’t make fun of people too much, General.”

“Ha! You—”


At that moment, Marco rushed forward in a huff. With the sudden outburst, everyone’s attention was focused on them.


“What are you doing now… … . Lucerne, you bastard. Are you forcibly harassing my wife who turned you down?”

Dumbfounded Elisha was taken aback by those brazen words. Rather, wasn’t it Marco who harassed Elisha just a short while ago?

“You are very imaginative,”

Elisha evenly addressed him. Marco turned towards her, he wasn’t brave enough to glare at Lucerne for a long time.

“This vulgar thing!”

Marco attacked Elisha instead. As Lucerne raised his eyebrows, Marco quickly lost his will to continue and his words blurred into a meek silence.

“Marco, I’ll exchange only a few words because you’re not worth dealing with.”

“… … .”

“Your wife has a big mouth.”

“Oh, just like Carola,”

Elisha added blankly.

“Clamorously rushing around Yurif just because she wants to buy a small piece of land. How uncouth.”

Lucerne tightened his grip on Elisha’s waist and pulled her closer. She was deeply surprised at his impressive acting skills. He was a really good person to have at her side.

“So I cannot help but covet that property. You made me angry first, so I’ll have to take my revenge on you.”


“How dare you make overtures at my girl.”

At Lucerne’s words, a roar spread over the crowd. People’s eyes sparkled with delight. Elisha marveled at how much Imperial nobility lived for the scandals of the Cartier family.

“Lucerne, don’t do this and let’s go inside. You are supposed to meet the builder tomorrow,”

Elisha said as she leaned against his arm. Lucerne nodded.

“I heard you are going to build a new villa. So I’ll build a villa there for my wife.”

Marco’s face turned pale; he turned his head to glare at Arien.

His eyes were asking,

‘What were you talking on about?’

He obviously thought Arien had leaked information and cursed her.

Arien’s face burned with shame.

‘Why would you make advances on a bitch like that?’

Elisha roughly read her expression; she had witnessed this similar countenance during her previous life.

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Lucerne’s sudden barrage of gifts did not end there. The party they were going to attend today was an evening soiree.

Yurif had a warmer climate than other places, but it was still chilly, so ladies often wore expensive silk shawls or fur.

Lucerne sent out a man in the morning to buy the best thing to wear over your shoulder in Yurif. What arrived was a beautiful fur shawl made of silver fox fur.

‘You must have spent a lot of money, this man. I guess it doesn’t matter because you’re rich.’

Elisha hid such thoughts, took Lucerne’s escorting hand, and entered the party hall.

With sparkling blonde hair, silver-gray fur, a diamond bracelet and a sapphire necklace on a platinum chain, and a new dress custom-made from the capital, she was a dazzlingly beautiful sight to behold.

The crowd couldn’t take their eyes off Lucerne and Elisha.

“Your wife’s clothes are very beautiful.”

Her silver fox cloak had hung for a long time in the window of Yurif’s most luxurious dressing room.

Because it was so expensive, no one was willing to buy it. But, as Elisha wore it, people recognized her costly clothes and rushed to praise her.

In addition, the yellow diamond bracelet that glittered on Elisha’s wrist was also a famous flagship item of the most expensive jewelry shop in Yurif. So it was only natural that the eyes of the ladies who saw it lit up.

“My lady, don’t be surprised if you catch a cold when you’ve astonished us with such valuable items. If I was loved like this, there would be nothing in the world to envy.”

There was a lady who flattered her like this. Jealousy fell from the noblewomens’ eyes, and they did not even try to hide it.

‘I never thought that I would receive this kind of gaze while I was living.’

Because of her previous life, she was more accustomed to coldness and contempt. A surreal feeling settled over her as she greeted the women with a polite and light ceremonial smile.

Elisha touched the bracelet on her wrist. Before arriving here, Lucerne had tightened the screws and fastened her bracelet himself.

‘Keep wearing it until I take it off.’

After saying that, he buried his lips in the back of her hand. At that moment, the red eyes that encountered hers had a strangely suggestive and heavy glow… … . Upon recalling the mental image of that look, Elisha almost sighed.


Elisha asked Lucerne before wandering around the party venue.

“Are you talented at antagonizing people?”

“If Jacob or Marco are my opponents.”

She immediately understood. She recalled the day when Jacob had had a stroke after talking to Lucerne during her previous life.

“Then, today you can demonstrate your proficiency to Arien.”

Elisha knew what she hated the most. She came from a proud and established family and was very arrogant.

“I overheard that Arien has a lot of pride and can’t stand being compared… … . I want you to do this…”

Elisha whispered. Lucerne’s expression reflected his bemusement.

“Do I have to go that far?”

“There is a personal enmity between us.”

Elisha thought back to her past life. Then, she had suffered terribly at Arien’s hands.


“Do you need a reason to hate the Cartiers? Do you choose who you will like and dislike among the enemies who will stab you on the battlefield?”

Warmly, Lucerne nodded his head with a proud fondness.

“Well said. Alright, if my wife wants it, I’ll gladly do it for her.”

They attended the party, greeted some important people, and parted ways.

Elisha was drinking champagne slowly by herself when someone approached her.

“Who is this? Huh? I heard the handsome general these days has a woman on the side, while leaving your precious body wandering here and there. What a great world it is nowadays where illegitimate children are invited everywhere.”

It was Marco. Elisha wanted to smirk.

“Are you alright?”


“You looked pretty sick earlier. The last time we met.”

At Elisha’s carefree words, Marco’s face turned white and red.

“Ha, cheeky bitch.”

“I am glad to see you are in good health.”

Marco sharpened his teeth. Elisha took another sip and spoke softly,

“I have to thank you, Marco.”


“My husband was very jealous of Sir Marco’s ‘proposal’ at the last party. Thanks to that, our marital relationship improved. You bestowed such an original gift, so I’m really appreciative.”

Elisha deliberately spoke profanely to provoke Marco. Contempt crept across his face as he confronted her typical nonchalant expression.

“But shouldn’t you be worried?”


“My husband is a man of etiquette. He always repays a debt. So, this time he said he would make the same ‘offer’ to Arien.”

Marco’s offer to Elisha was to become his mistress–an extramarital affair.


“Ah, it looks like Lucerne and Arien are over there, conferring together. I wonder what they are talking about?”

Marco’s face turned pale. Elisha became a little resentful of Lucerne. It was quite difficult not to laugh at Marco’s face.

Elisha turned her head. Arien was beaming while talking to Lucerne.

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“Aren’t you going to choose a necklace?”

“It’s enough.”

Elisha unconsciously rubbed the back of her neck. Lucerne’s gaze followed her movements.

‘I have a tracking tattoo anyway.’

It was a very small tattoo that someone would have to inspect closely in order to see it, but it bothered her. So she usually left her hair down to cover the nape of her neck. If she was at a party or banquet and had to pull her hair up, she wore a homemade choker to cover up the tattoo.

Lucerne stroked her tattoo once and bought the most expensive diamond and ruby


Elisha was too lazy to argue, so she let it go. Regardless, it had been stipulated in the contract that, if divorced, all things obtained during her marriage would remain hers.

‘Indeed, it wouldn’t hurt to gain some belongings.’

“Thank you. How generous! How shall I……. I’ll have to pack up.”

“My men will be waiting outside the door. They’ll write you a check.”

The merchant was overjoyed and kept expressing his thanks again and again.

“And leave everything behind. She’s always on the lookout for gifts, she’ll pass out with joy if I take it and dress it up in wrapping paper..”

“… … General.”

As Elisha swallowed her sigh and called his name, Lucerne playfully stroked her waist and thighs teasingly. The merchant, who couldn’t meet her eyes, hurriedly took his box and went out.

Finally, she got off his lap. Lucerne was gazing into her eyes. Suddenly, Elisha blushed and avoided his stare.

‘Anyway, he is just being willful and arbitrary.’

Still, he was so charming and attractive that she couldn’t hate him. Instead, she was upset that she could only muster up a vague resentment —because he was her only way to live.

“It’s a gift, not a prize.”

“… … .”

“Lapis isn’t a baby, but a man. You’ll just wear things other men give you on your wrist?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Why doesn’t it matter? How upset her husband must be.”

“… … .”

Elisha bit her lips.

‘Should I say thank you for buying me things?’

But this wasn’t the gift she wanted. Furthermore, she hated how strangely she felt entangled with him during the day and night. If she couldn’t stand aloof, she would be the only one hurting and lost.

Seriously, he was a very strange man.

“Show me your neck.”

Elisha meekly held out her white neck. His shadow moved over her.

“It stings when you move. Be still,”

Lucerne softly whispered. Elisha’s shoulders stiffened.

“What… … .”

Suddenly, a shadow passed over her neck.

“Now people won’t be able to see the pattern. It’s not gone, it’s just hidden. You can think of it as camouflage.”

It was a brand engraved on her body since she was 14 years old. It had been inconceivable for her to imagine that the disgusting seal would disappear.

She hadn’t even dared to wish for it. This made her happy. It was a gift.

Elisha suddenly felt good. She really hated the tattoo.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“If you told me you had wanted it, I would have done it sooner,”

Lucerne remarked, somewhat stunned.

“You like this better than jewelry. I understand.”

It was only at that moment that she realized that his intentions behind buying her jewels might have been genuinely out of goodwill.

Elisha bit her lip hard. She knew very well that she wasn’t cute and was an unlovable woman. She licked her lips for a while, then spoke softly,

“Thank you. It’s a surprise gift.”

Elisha grabbed the collar of his shirt as he tried to stand up. And belatedly, she added in a tiny voice:

“And… … . jewelry too.”

Lucerne was silent, then a beat later:


Lucerne acknowledged softly. Suddenly, their eyes met in the air. Elisha felt her body react strangely. For no conceivable reason, her heart was cold, and the nape of her neck was burning. Moreover, her heart was beating irregularly.

The unexpected reaction made her nervous. Elisha let go of his shirt. Lucerne peered at her with strange eyes, and then she turned her back. Elisha rubbed her chest.

Gems were sparkling on the table. They were beautiful and luxurious items she had never dreamed of during her previous life. She touched them one by one. But she quickly put them down.

Elisha was a woman who had struggled over the meaning of an ancient gold coin over two lives. These jewels were so heavy that she didn’t know how to process them all.

Lucerne was right. If it was too sweet, it hurt. She was used to pain, but not the opposite. If he fooled and played her with sweetness as a weapon….. After that…. She would probably never get up again.

Because she had already had a similar experience once before.


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The next day, a grand ball was held in Yurif.

Yurif’s City Hall was famous for its historic and antique architecture. The largest monthly banquet was held there and hosted by the mayor. Even nobility who did not attend the smaller balls would appear there.

Lucerne found out that Marco was on the party’s list by exchanging a single note.

So all Elisha had to do during this time was rest and get ready for the party.

“This silver bracelet seemed like a precious thing, it’s a pity.”

Sophie pouted, discontent. Elisha’s accessory situation was already bad enough.

“I know. I’m very upset about it too.”

Elisha fiddled with her bracelet.

‘I didn’t know it could be used only once.’

Thanks to this bracelet, she could move things around with ease. Because this bracelet found the vault where Risralpho’s body was buried.

‘Since the divine powers and magical powers from Risralpho’s corpse and vault have been around for a long time, it must have come out at a level that the mana was tainted. No wonder the bracelet worked.’

Her spontaneous plan had worked out perfectly.

‘But Lapis made it with great care.’

Now the silver bracelet was discolored and faded. Not only that, but even the tiny bell decoration had withered.

“Did you like that?”

Elisha raised her head in surprise. Lucerne appeared, standing in front of the powder room’s doorway.

“I just thought it was a waste. It’s a precious thing.”

Elisha turned her back.

“My lady was upset. Since you only have one bracelet… … . You said that it was the first time you received such a nice gift when you had received it,”

Sophie said softly. Sophie was an experienced maid, and she knew that the condition of a mistress’ jewelry and dresses came down to her husband’s favour. So she hinted to Lucerne about the condition of Elisha’s poor jewelry box.


Elisha rebuked. Lucerne watched her response.

“You must have liked the gift Lapis gave you.”

“It’s a gift from someone else, how can I hate it? That’s all.”

Lucerne chuckled.

“Come out. It’s time for someone to arrive from the store.”


Elisha was puzzled, but she followed. The luxury hotel where Lucerne and Elisha stayed had three rooms. Among them, the living space was connected to the door leading out.

Soon there was a knock. It was precisely 2 pm.

“Hello, it is an honor to have you invite our jeweler.”

A clerk from a high-end store politely bowed his head and took out a luxurious leather bag. He laid out and displayed numerous gems. They were so gorgeous and bright that they made her frown for a moment.

“Bring out the most expensive one. This woman needs some shock therapy,”

said Lucerne. The merchant was overjoyed and took out a luxurious yellow diamond bracelet. It was a beautiful ancient-style bracelet with delicate gold decorations and a yellow diamond the size of a fingernail in the middle.

“What do you think? It’s something you can’t easily see even in the high-end stores in the capital. It won the most expensive bid at last year’s jewelry auction.”

The merchant politely began to explain the craftsmanship.

“This bracelet has a beautifully crafted pair of solid gold screws to adjust it. When wearing it, it looks best and feels the most comfortable when it fits your wrist perfectly with this adjustment mechanism. Likewise when you want to take it off, you need to have it unwinded. Your husband can help you with it.”

“… … Can’t you solve it alone?”

“It can be loosened, but it is very difficult to adjust. A bracelet like this is proof of love.”

So, it was a bracelet that required her to ask Lucerne to put it on and off. It was very romantic, in Elisha’s opinion.

(L) “What do you think?”

It was a stunning piece of the highest quality.

Elisha knew how to discern the quality and grade of jewels. When she calculated the item’s price in her head, she got goosebumps on her back. She spoke bluntly.

“It resembles brilliant and beautifully crafted handcuffs, designed to firmly fit your wrist.”

It wasn’t because she didn’t like it. In fact, inside, she was a little embarrassed. Elisha had a habit of reacting coldly to unexpected kindness. Anyway, the gift was generous. But she was suspicious of gifts with unknown intentions.

“Really? I really like your take. Then I better buy it.”

Elisha looked at Lucerne. Regardless, his preferences… … .

“I never asked for a reward.”

“Your prize is you may do as you like, whenever you want. Then why don’t you just take advantage of me?”

“… … .”

“Well, when you don’t know what to do you should just shrug your shoulders.”

Elisha closed her mouth tightly and bit her lips. The green dress she had mended looked quite cheap in Lucerne’s eyes. She was frankly a little offended and took in a small breath.

“I don’t know why you’re buying it… … . I feel uncomfortable when I receive such an expensive item. I feel indebted.”

“So what if you owe more?”

“… … .”

“Elisha, if you are sane, being involved with the Cartier family is your loss. I am comfortable with spending money, and you should feel at ease about things like this.”

“… … .”

“I heard a woman needs to organize her slush fund.”

Lucerne took off Elisha’s rusty bracelet and put on a new one.

“This is all I need,”

she said.

“I heard you only have one bracelet.”

“That’s what Sophie said. Ah!”

He quickly placed Elisha’s body on her lap. The merchant’s shoulders went rigid, and he coughed, flustered, trying to pretend he didn’t see a thing.

“Choose something pretty.”

“… … .”

“Buy everything. I’ll leave you alone then,”

Lucerne smirked.

“Um, then the next step is to suck on the back of your neck.

Are you alright with that?”


Elisha protested in outrage. Seriously, this ruffian enjoyed playing with people.

‘Yes. I’m not asking him to buy it, but he is buying it. What can I do? He seems to think that he needs to dress me up expensively in order to maintain his honor.’

Elisha’s cheeks turned red, and she ended up choosing a sapphire bracelet, two silver bracelets and a pair of ruby earrings, and diamond earrings.

SLS – 38

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 38


Woo Jin-ha seems to have checked what car is blinking. I opened the door and answered.

“Bought. New.” (S)

“I see?” (J)

What Woo Jin-ha wants to ask is, ‘Why is that so?’ He probably wouldn’t have said anything if Shim Hee-joo had bought a car similar to the one he had bought.

“I need something to ride comfortably.” (S)

“Is that car uncomfortable?” (J)

“It was good.” (S)

“Good, but not comfortable.” (J)

“Yes.” (S)

“Then go see a car with me on the weekend. Buy it again.” (J)

“I do not need it.” (S)

“You can see it again with a small car.” (J)

“It’s okay.” (S)

After a meaningless quarrel, there was silence for a while. He picked up his phone and checked something. She was busy standing between the two elevators, taking turns watching the numbers change. And as soon as the door opened, she got on busily. After that, Woo Jin-ha walked slowly, and she felt the urge to close the door right in front of her for a moment, but she resisted it.

He entered the elevator and looked at his phone until the door closed again. Then, as soon as the door closed completely, he turned off the screen and lifted his head.

“…So, are you seeing Kim Yun-hyeong again?” (J)

It was amazing.

“Are you spying on me now?” (S)

“Since you disappeared from this house once.” (J)

“You are here again.” (S)

“There is no way it will never happen again.” (J)

“……” (S)

“Once you are careless, being twice you are mistaken. Being vigilant twice is a matter of intelligence. So, can you tell me?” (J)

“I wish I had thought of that when I slept with you twice.” (S)

He laughs and coughs. She laughed like he did, however, it was cold and sarcastic.

“Don’t be weird. We are nominally married.” (J)

Just then, the elevator door opened. Without a word, he let her off first and then followed. As she entered the front door, she suddenly became annoyed.

“I can’t get a divorce, I’m not able to meet friends, I’ll have to be monitored… What’s wrong with the Woo Jin-ha scene?” (S)

“Be friends.” (J)

“Kim Yun-heyong is my friend.” (S)

“It will be for you.” (J)

Shim Hee-joo didn’t understand. On the contrary, Woo Jin-ha would have known earlier that Kim Yun-heyong and her were not doing anything special if they were to monitor them, but it’s just that their existence itself is annoying.

She turned around and stared at him, but she was annoyed that he was even doing that, so she quickly turned around and went to the dressing room. He doesn’t seem to bother her at all, simply following her into the dressing room and standing on the side where his clothes hang.

The dressing room was divided in half starting from the door. He’s on the left, she’s on the right. They each stood with their backs to one another and took off their clothes. She lost her patience because it was his fault that She had to deliberately unbutton her blouse one by one and keep grooming it in vain.

“Can it be half a year?” (S)

Really, it was an impulse. She had no intention of negotiating with him, but she had already been rejected and had no prospects.

But before she uses outside powers to ruin this marriage, She wanted to ask him one last question.

Even if that’s the case, can’t they finish it first by themselves?

“Half a year?” (J)

“How about a year?” (S)

“So, what?” (J)

“Despite the opposition of my family, I got all kinds of criticisms, and I got married with all my heart no matter what it was. So I do understand. You are saying no right now.” (S)

“There is no objection marrying you.” (J)

“Do I look stupid?” (S)

As she spoke for a long time, he changed his clothes comfortably, shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and headed towards the door. She wanted to leave the dressing room, but then he closed the door in front of her and leaned back against the door.

He stares intently between the open blouse, his eyes even slightly dry. Somehow, her throat was tight and she had a fever. It’s not like he’s never made a face that he’s going to eat her.

She calmly turned around again, unbuttoned the last button, and took off her blouse. Only the bra remained along with the skirt.

He suddenly laughed.

“Well. It’s just pretty.” (J)

“Jin-ha-ssi.” (S)

“Not right now, just no. I told you.” (S)

“……” (J)

“Is your memory that bad? You even signed it with your own hands.” (J)

“Even if there is a prenuptial contract, why do you have to hold on to a woman like me?” (S)

“I want to have sex, Hee-joo.” (J)

“……” (S)

“So, I can’t really hear what you’re talking about.” (J)

She got so angry that she threw the blouse she was holding at him. She was shocked but there was no swearing. But he casually picked up her blouse that had fallen in front of her feet and handed it to her.

With that, the door was unblocked, so she hurried to get out of the dressing room.

But he snatched her waist from behind. She was drawn to the door by him and she couldn’t get out. Biting her earlobe, he whispers.

“I don’t even want to listen because I’m feeling a little bit horny today.” (J)

“For what, wait, let me go…” (S)

Her body was pushed through the door and turned around. His lips clasped hard at the same time, his hands were pushed in close to her bra, and his erect penis pressed against her stomach. She couldn’t believe he was already erect.

His grip on her ass was a bit cumbersome. Enough to make it a no-brainer for her to recklessly push him away.

Now do it, put it on the door and do this. How funny would he look at her… Shim Hee-joo sharpened her teeth and lost the strength she had to resist. In the end, Woo Jin-ha will have sex the way he wants. As the power drained from her hand, the power disappeared from his grasp on her body. She felt like she was being careless and she tried to get away from him without realizing it, but she couldn’t do it very well, and only her body, which had been engaged so deeply, fell while barely touching him.

SLS – 37

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 37


Shim Hee-joo thinks it’s pretty similar. Her aunt was close to her family, but it was not a family where they could live together. She was the benefactor who saved her.

“So, is your aunt okay?” (Y)

“Huh. She’s going to be discharged after this week. I went too late.” (S)

“Are you not allowed to leave the house? Something like that…” (Y)

Kim Yun-hyeong blurs the end of his words.

“No, I don’t even care. We haven’t lived together in Hannam-dong for a month, so what?” (S)

The month was, to say the least, hell. 

Shortly before her marriage, her mother-in-law insisted that she was the only one who could take care of Shim Hee-joo entirely because she had no parents with her. Woo Jin-ha is very busy and won’t even have time to care about his pregnant wife, so how hard it would be to leave her alone. Her mother-in-law asked what Shim Hee-joo would do when a child was born…

Shim Hee-joo noticed that Woo Jin-ha didn’t really trust his own mother, but her decision told herself to let her mother-in-law take care of it. In fact, she meant not to make a decision. However, she wouldn’t have let it be known to him.

She had no choice but to join her mother-in-law as well as her commands. She followed her mother-in-law’s instructions and entered the house. Anyway, Woo Jin-ha was a man who came home and slept no matter where he lived. No matter what she heard or despised, he didn’t care. Besides, her mother-in-law only treated Shim Hee-joo well in front of her son.

If her mother-in-law hadn’t forgotten about her for a while at Woo Jin-ha’s house that day and didn’t make mistakes, he wouldn’t have taken her out that day.

“But now you have a good face.” (Y)

“Eat well and sleep well.” (S)

Shim Hee-joo wiped her face and laughed softly. Kim Yun-hyeong asked while sitting with his legs crossed.

“What about your husband?” (Y)

“Huh?” (S)

“If you came to me like that without warning, wouldn’t you come here to ask me to do something for you?” (Y)

She was going to do something… It’s hard to believe that she’s been doing that for over a week, and she’s embarrassed to say that, so I hesitated for a moment to answer.

Kim Yun-hyeong asked how he interpreted it again, raising the corners of his mouth.

“Or you just didn’t like it? There I am.” (Y)

“Not really… Jin-ha-ssi, because he doesn’t like you very much.” (S)

“It’s crazy. He looked like he was going to kill me.” (Y)

There was nothing to talk about. He doesn’t really like it, so even the words she says come out unconsciously. It’s strange to come now and hope for good feelings between her husband and friend. She said with a chuckle.

“You don’t like Jin-ha-ssi very much either.” (S)

“Uh. Fuck.” (Y)

Kim Yun-hyeong replied as if he had been waiting.

“I said divorce. Is it still that way?” (Y)

“I can’t, what should I do? There is no point in litigating with that person.” (S)

“I told you I was going to introduce you to a lawyer.” (Y)

“There’s no case, man. He didn’t even rant. He never hit me.” (S)

“Is that the end? We broke up due to personality differences. What are you talking about?” (Y)

(T/N: this guy is talking about his previous gf🤣)

“Have you seen anyone who wins a lawsuit because of a personality difference?” (S)

“I don’t know, I…” (Y)

“Actually, I don’t even know.” (S)

She admitted without hesitation.

“It’s just that there’s no way to win… Because the results are so obvious.” (S)

“Then you’re just going to live like that?” (Y)

He frowned, displeased. Yes, it looked insignificant because of his round glasses, but she did not express it.

“If you have a lot of time… Can you make him want to divorce me?” (S)

“Do you have a lot of time?” (Y)

He asked in a slurred tone, as if they were going to go to a PC room. She nodded.

“There is plenty of time. But I don’t want to spend too much.” (S)

“Looks like you’ve lost your temper.” (Y)

The funniest thing was that it still hasn’t changed much. She just knew it wasn’t. Instead of affirming or denying that statement, She turned her head and glanced at the works of her friend.

“My mother-in-law will help… maybe.” (S)

“Is she helping you?” (Y)

“Huh.” (S)

“Hey. I don’t know who your mother-in-law is…” (Y)

He seemed to know what was going to happen at the end of the slurred words.

“…What is it? That’s why sometimes there are people who seem to know ten when they see one.” (Y)

(T/N: he is saying that few people are quick to notice many things from one glance, lol he is talking about himself and saying how smart he is)

“Huh.” (S)

“I saw her talking to you at the wedding. I saw it from afar…” (Y)

Anyone with a certain degree of observation can easily see how lowly her mother-in-law regards Shim Hee-joo as a human being. She smiles kindly, holds her hand and looks upbeat. But when people don’t see her, she turns into a different person, looks down on Shim Hee-joo…

It didn’t hurt at all. Because she’s seen more faces in her life. At least, her mother-in-law had a justification that Shim Hee-joo was infinitely short of Woo Jin-ha.

It is not difficult to imagine a harsh marriage in common sense, as it is a marriage with a difference like heaven and earth. Compared to her imagination, she was living very comfortably.

“I was just wondering if a kid like you would get out of the house at any moment.” (Y)

“……” (S)

“I don’t open my mouth no matter where, so I don’t get hit by people while they are mad.” (S)

It wasn’t her, Woo Jin-ha made her come out. If it wasn’t for it, maybe she could have stood still for a year or a decade. Just like ten years ago, living in a big house, just getting used to every other day.

She doesn’t know if it was because she was adapting well, or because she just didn’t have the energy to get out.

She took the last pill from her handbag. She needed some good energy now. Kim Yun-hyeong pushed the glass of water he was drinking on the table.

As soon as she swallowed the medication, she felt like she was already feeling drowsy. Sometimes the painkillers seem to take away energy, but in the end it was getting better little by little. It was strange, but it was also thanks to Woo Jin-ha.

“Hey. The Jin-ha scene actually doesn’t bother me that much.” (S)

“Is that so?” (Y)

“I don’t get in the way and I don’t care.” (S)

“……” (Y)

“So, whether I am there or not, he may not care. When I got married, the pressure of getting married in my hometown disappeared… Maybe it was more convenient because I was there.” (S)

“Shim…” (Y)

“So, based on various calculations, he may not want to divorce me right now.” (S)

“Then your mother-in-law…” (Y)

“She, more than anyone else, would like to get me out more than myself.” (S)

“……” (Y)

“So it’s okay Yun-hyeong, everything will be alright.”

Kim Yun-hyeong still looked at Shim Hee-joo with a dissatisfied gaze, leaned over to the drawer behind her and took out the car keys.

A familiar shape welcomed her instead of an expensive foreign car logo.

“And if you go back one by one like this…” (Y)

Then she will come back again.

To the place where Woo Jin-ha is not there.

She got out of the car with the visitor pass she received earlier clearly visible on the dashboard. And when she went inside the door, she realized that the car door had not been locked, so she went back to the parking lot and pressed the car key.

‘Beep, beep.’ She checked her car flickering from afar, and as she turned around, she suddenly heard a car door closing nearby. She was starting to get a little crazy.

(T/N: she thought she is hallucinating from the drugs)

When she was parking there earlier, the car coming in from the other side was Woo Jin-ha’s car.

It was childishly the most disappointing since there was a spot so close to the entrance and Woo Jin-ha did only good things without knowing it. It would have been better if she had just gone in earlier and hadn’t met him at all.

She glanced at him and headed towards the doorway, and at a leisurely pace he followed her.

“What, whose car?” (J)

SLS – 36

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 36


“…I can’t do that.” (S)

“Anyway, the most important thing for you is to be next to him. What can’t be done?” (A)

“……” (S)

“Wait a minute, I wonder just how, as I’ve been struggling like this.” (A)

“I don’t want to have any more children.” (S)

“It is now… But where does your husband come from, he’s no ordinary man, and no son? After getting married on the pretext of being pregnant and having a hard time getting pregnant, where are you without children?” (A)

That’s perfectly correct. As she quietly nodded, her aunt closed her eyes fiercely.

“Your mother-in-law’s polarity is horrendous again. Say goodbye to giving birth to a son, don’t even think about at least giving birth to a girl.” (A)

Naturally, the arrogant mother-in-law and her harsh aunt had a bad first impression of each other. Her aunt has a peculiar expression when she gossips about her mother-in-law, and whenever her mother-in-law despises Shim Hee-joo. She often thinks of her aunt’s expression and falls into a different mind for her.

“Look at this girl. I’d turn on the lights to kick you out…” (A)

“So I’m going to get kicked out.” (S)

“What?” (A)

“Because I don’t want to have any more children, and I don’t want to live with them any longer.” (S)

Thinking of her mother-in-law, her grimly distorted expression changed completely.

“Your husband must have been sad because he’s such a busy person, but… don’t be upset. Why are you doing this after getting married well? Let’s sell the year in full bloom… Nothing happens in your life, but now only one thing went well. Why are you kicking your fortune on all fours?” (A)

The person who told her to be careful before getting married doesn’t know what to do when the wedding is nearing a divorce. Her aunt slapped Shim Hee-joo on her shoulder with her strong arm, and then slapped her in the face… Again, she spoke calmly.

“I just live like that. What does love feed you?” (A)

“I don’t give it.” (S)

“Is it not? Other women go crazy with envy when their husbands are too busy to give them money and say it’s over. To be honest, even if you don’t see his face even once, it’s better for you to sit in that house… Where else can you find such a jackpot?” (A)

“It’s like a beggar to sell.” (S)

“That’s what the chaebol’s daughter-in-law says…” (A)

“I feel like a real beggar, I just…” (S)

She put her head down on the bed. Tears that seemed to have dried up forever flowed out. Her aunt doesn’t even know how to pat her on the back. Her father didn’t even give her a hug once in her memory.

A heavy sigh subsides. ‘At least there is one person who is upset because of my selling…’ Shim Hee-joo thought without thinking and wiped her tears with the blanket.

So this was enough.

Kim Yun-hyeong usually worked in the studio during the day, even when he’s not working. So Shim Hee-joo didn’t even have to ask where he was during the day.

She skipped her medication once, so it was hard to climb the stairs to the fourth floor. She opened the door that he had not locked beforehand.

He was working on graphics in front of the computer, startled as if he had seen something in vain, and then suddenly straightened his hair. He had his hair tied up and round glasses on, but it wasn’t strange, rather he was busy looking in the mirror without looking at her. One day he said he didn’t want to look ugly, no matter how friendly the person he was with.

Meanwhile, she walked right behind him.

“Why? You are handsome.” (S)

His hair, which had been tied up for a while, remained slightly raised despite his efforts. He thought it was better to be disheveled because he couldn’t sort it out, so he messes up his hair naturally. Then he was surprised that he still looked like a college student.

“Is it difficult to make a phone call? Why did you come all of a sudden?” (Y)

“Somehow, you are dressed beautifully. Where did you go?” (Y)

“I went to my aunt’s hospital.” (S)

He clicked his tongue. Ever since she was in college, he knew she wore the best clothes whenever she went to see her aunt. He said that it was like visiting a teacher on Teacher’s Day.

SLS – 35

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 35

Shouldn’t Have Gotten Married



  • (A) Shim Hee-joo’s aunt
  • (U) Shim Hee-joo’s uncle
  • (A1), (A2), (A 3) Shim Hee-joo’s other aunts

‘Done. Hee-joo, let me take over.’ (U)

‘Brother. Did Yoon-young get her mother’s permission?’ (A1)

‘I’d rather ask my brother. I’m still young, but I’m trying to keep going…’ (A3)

‘Hee-joo is someone who goes backwards just by looking at her face. How are you?’ (A2)

‘Then, shall I throw her on the street? My family is not that cold-hearted. When Yoon-young went to college, a room was vacated. She and Ji-young are a year older…'(U)

‘That’s right. Ji-young, Hee-joo and she got along well when they were younger. Rather good If only my brother-in-law was fine…’ (A3)

Her uncle took her to Ansan, showing her great grace. Her deceased mother, of course, was not okay. She didn’t know that the situation at that house had gotten so difficult in the past few years, but it wasn’t until months later that she realised  the reason they took her.

Her pocket money, her food expenses, the place she lies down in the house… Explaining how much money was wasted because of her, the uncle took care of the legacy her father left behind.

He said he would leave and she’d be sorry, but she started getting beaten that day. Her uncle was her legal guardian, and he didn’t really need her permission to touch the money left by his dead brother. 

Nevertheless, the reason he wanted to be confirmed by her must have been the slightest conscience towards his deceased brother, and not her.

Her deceased father said that he wanted to give away the money he had at his disposal rather than let it rot. On the outside, her father said that the bastard uncle left a lot of debt and went to trouble.

Half of the cash her father left over these years was used to move to a house that was suddenly better off, bigger, and closer to Seoul. 

Naturally, there was no room for her in the new house, and she slept every day listening to all kinds of complaints from the owner of the room who put the blanket under cousin Ji-young’s bed and bothered her. That day was lucky, at least it wasn’t until dawn.

The better the situation and the happier the family, the more she was the jade tea of ​​the family.

The good news was that no matter how many houses were put up for sale in Gimpo, it was not sold because of rumors that a person in the house committed suicide. It was because of that, he had no choice but to leave more than half of her father’s legacy.

Her uncle was a filial son, he happily spent half of the cash and then gave the rest to his mother. The family business, which had been difficult for a while, came to fruition, and her grandmother sold her land to finally repay him for his help.

She sat in the back and snorted, then they came back that day and she was beaten like a dog. Now that there was no cash left, her uncle’s wife, who pretended to tolerate her, started to beat her from that day. Shim Hee-joo quietly went into the bedroom and turned on the TV.

She doesn’t know when her aunt noticed it. 

After her uncle’s family moved to Anyang, they came to see her occasionally and looked at her with meaningful eyes, but she felt uncomfortable with such a family. It was natural for her as a young adult who had never heard a word of kindness since childhood. So, she was a little perplexed when, one day, suddenly her aunt took her and started making a fuss in the uncle’s big house.

It was around the time when her house in Gimpo could not even be sold or rented and was just floating in the air. Her uncle wanted to make money with it somehow before she became an adult. Her aunt just watched with pitiful eyes at how Shim Hee-joo’s uncle raised her, and that now he wants her to hand over the house to him.

‘You don’t think I’m as old-fashioned as my brother.’ (A)

Whether or not her uncle had seizures at her scathing words, her aunt shoved Shim Hee-joo’s things into two large suitcases, not caring whether it was hers or her cousin’s belongings. Because the uncle’s family were doing something stupid looking at Shim Hee-joo, she unknowingly packed her bags together.

‘What are you doing with your mouth shut? That’s right. That’s right. I can’t say anything.’ (A)

Sitting side by side on the bus seat, she placed her two suitcases on her lap, one at a time, and she thought about where else her life would go. Her aunt muttered to herself again as if her anger could not be resolved no matter how much she thought about it.

‘If you’re a kid, don’t do that to a pup… When your father was alive, he was kind to him.’ (A)

‘Just… I just want to live.’ (S)

‘What?’ (A)

‘That’s why I didn’t say anything.’ (S)

‘……’ (A)

‘That’s right, I had to live. I don’t think about my dad.’ (S)

‘……’ (A)

‘And this is the bankbook with dad’s money… I stole it from my uncle’s wife’s dressing table drawer earlier.’ (S)

‘…Why are you giving this to me?’ (A)

‘It’s been a while, but write it down.’ (S)

‘……’ (A)

‘If you don’t hit me, I’ll even give you my house in Gimpo.’ (S)

Her aunt was silent the whole way home with Shim Hee-joo’s bankbook in hand. They got off the bus that arrived in Gimpo with her luggage, and then transferred to the city bus going to her aunt’s house. Even after getting off the bus, she had to walk about ten minutes to get to her aunt’s house. 

Her aunt said as she was walking without thinking, whimpering that her luggage was heavy.

‘I’m going to work tomorrow. I usually don’t rest on Sundays.’ (A)

‘Ah… Yes.’ (S)

‘There is rice in the rice cooker… I’ll buy you a side dish before you go to school, so when you wake up, take it out and eat it. I don’t dress up like that.’ (A)

‘Yes. thank you.’ (S)

‘You have 3 million won left in your bank account. You only have 10 months to graduate. Send me 300,000 won a month for your living expenses.’ (A)

‘You can have it all…’ (S)

‘I can have it all? Can’t you count? Use a calculator. Keep the bankbook.’ (A)

‘Yes.’ (S)

‘And I have a house and money. Where can I use a house that cannot even be sold because it has ghosts? You do it.’ (A)

She sent money to her aunt as monthly rent, and in return her aunt gave her pocket money every week. 

Occasionally, a friend of her aunt who has a son, an examination center student, came to play and talked about what he heard at SkyEdu, what subjects are famous in Megastudy… After talking, her aunt found out how much it was and gave him the money.

Cut off the reading room, cut off the lecture hall… No matter how one looks at it, it didn’t seem like a lot of business. Her aunt noticed that if Shim Hee-joo had to do housework, she was kicked out to study.

Her aunt was generally indifferent, but she did a good job. She didn’t even hit her. The 3 million won her aunt had received for ten months was saved and put into her bank account to be used as Shim Hee-joo’s tuition on her day of graduation. 

Her aunt was disgusted and left because Shim Hee-joo started to cry after receiving it back. 

Her grandmother, vaguely aware that the money her son had given to her was Shim Hee-joo’s father’s legacy to her, reluctantly returned it due to her aunt’s persuasion. 

It was her father’s money, so her aunt didn’t spend a penny, her aunt said. Thanks to this, she also avoided being a poor high school student. She has a place to go for the holidays.

“… A sick bastard…” (A)

The answer to the sad saying that I missed you was a bit harsh, but she was relieved to hear the familiar swearing. She finally felt like she was in a safe place.

Her aunt wasn’t the kind to talk to anyone in the first place. She didn’t even try to empathize easily… So, even if someone dies, she’s like, “Oh my, Hee-joo, it’s so pitiful…” (A) And she has nothing else to say for Shim Hee-joo’s emotions. Because it was her aunt who said that when they found out her grandmother had died.

But she was the kindest adult she’s ever lived with.

“How did you become such an old-timer?” (A)

“I know, right.” (S)

Her aunt sighed quietly.

“Auntie was right. I just shouldn’t have gotten married.” (S)

“Marriage is what marriage is. I’ve never heard of a married woman like you.” (A)

That said, her aunt was briefly against her marriage. When her aunt heard that Woo Jin-ha was the grandson of WK, the world seemed to have changed. But as soon as she heard about the prenuptial contract, she changed her face. “What’s the point of assuming that he broke up with you if he doesn’t intend to divorce you in the first place?” (A)

How did she defend it? “It is correct to write that one doesn’t know what’s going to happen with people…” (S) Shim Hee-joo mumbled like an idiot because she wasn’t so confident. So her aunt kicked her tongue and called her a bastard girl. “Why are you getting married with the intention of breaking up in the end?” (A)

“That person’s family is different from people like us.” (S) She cried so hard that her aunt just asked her all over. It was like doing what she pleased.

If her aunt were right, and whatever it is, if she had advised that it is a good thing to get married and catch that great guy. Would her heart have been a little more comfortable?

Shim Hee-joo knows it can’t be. Because she knew from the beginning that she was wrong. It would have been nice to just be wrong about Woo Jin-ha.

“… I didn’t want to get married or have children.” (S)

“You’re pretending not to be the subject of having children before you even get married.” (A)

“… Is that important to your aunt now?” (A)

It didn’t seem to matter. Her aunt just looked down at her hand and sighed deeply.

“You can have another child.” (A)

TPCP – 56.1

Thank you to raw provider: angelstars5

was dragged away.

Then both of her hands were released from their bonds.

The person tucked something into her belt. It was a cold, heavy piece of some unknown metal. Elisha held her breath, not understanding what was going on.


The man spoke in a low voice.

‘Never appear in front of me again.’

He leaned over and whispered. He was so close Elisha could feel the heat coming off his skin. His body gave off the scent of masculine sandalwood.

It was a smell that was only acquired among the old-growth trees in the deep forests of the wild, well hidden away from humans.

Suddenly, there was a commotion around them.

‘Who was that?’

Elisha took off her blindfold. She was standing at the back door of Marco’s mansion. No one had captured her.

Then someone rushed past, almost bumping into her. Elisha realized that it was a young man.

‘I’m here to take revenge on the Knights of the Temple. All you sons-of-bitches come out!’

Elisha peeked through the back door. There was a sea of blood on the man’s path and splattered all over the man’s body.

‘It’s Lapis of the Black Lion Knights! Everyone— run away!’

Elisha covered her mouth. The Seeds of the Black Lion Knights. The slender youth……. Elisha recalled a famous young wizard, Lapis. After that, a large man* with an overflowing battle spirit jumped in.

Corinne. This person was also a Seed.

[*t1v: oops seems like Corinne is a he, in Korean it didn’t specify until now, and ‘Corinne’ is a feminine name, literally meaning ‘maiden’ in French, but #downwiththegenderbinary I suppose]

‘A battle between two different orders of knights. The fact that the Seeds of the Black Lion Knights are here… … .’

Elisha fumbled with her belt.

What’s inside her belt…? …

…. It was an ancient gold coin made of pure gold. It was a very precious thing.

Elisha staggered out into the street. There were chariots.

‘This… … . Is this for the carriage fare?’

The fact that he gave her money to escape meant he knew who she was. He knew that Elisha wasn’t Marco’s subordinate and didn’t belong there, so he gave her the means to go back.

‘That man’s voice… … . It was the voice of someone I knew.’

And Elisha realized the identity of the man who had set her free.

No way.

Even while she was second-guessing herself, deep down inside, she was sure.


It was him.


When she opened her eyes, Elisha realized that she had been weeping.

‘Why did I cry?’ [t1v: b/c you were traumatized af babygirl, disassociation is a mf]

Maybe it was because she had a dream about long ago. Elisha rubbed her eyes. She let out a husky sigh.

‘I see. That’s what happened.’

Why had Lucerne taken pity on her? Why had he freed her from Arien’s torment after she was caught?

In her past life, Elisha had wondered about it for a long time. However, when she heard his story today, her long-standing question had been finally answered.

‘I can’t see— my eyes—hiccup—Please… … . let me go. Please pretend you didn’t see me.’

‘I think I pleaded with them to save me. That my vision was dark… … . —Yeah, that’s what happened.’

‘But no one helped me. It was like paying expensive tuition for a lesson with blood and tears.’

Lucerne had seen his own childhood in Elisha while she had cried and pleaded with him on that day.

Some people turned a blind eye to their past. When seeing a miserable person similar to their past self, some trample on them, ignore or mock them. But, others… … . Don’t look away when others resemble their past pitiful selves.

Elisha’s expression was something similar to a self-deprecating, bitter smile.

Her past self in her previous life. That short shabby life was so miserably wretched.

There were only two possessions she had treasured and kept when she died futilely at Jacob’s hands.

An old yellow handkerchief, and a long-held ancient gold coin.

If she had any debt to pay off in her previous life, it was only what those possessions symbolized because she had lived a life where she had never before experienced the beauty of sincere kindness and honest goodwill.


You can read more here.

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Elisha almost frowned. She wondered if she had ever smiled at Marco before.


“Well, if you promise, I’ll go along with you. There must be a direction in which you want me to move towards next time.”

Elisha was bewildered by him. But his prerequisite was easy for her, so she nodded.

‘But… … . Can it be this easy?’

She was anxious that there might be other traps.

“Why are you following my directions if you don’t trust me completely?”

Elisha inquired.

“First, if your information is correct, there is no reason not to heed you.”

“… … .”

“Secondly, even if this is a trap, I can handle it. Even if you’re a traitor, it’s not a losing business for me, is it?”

Lucerne raised Elisha’s chin and explained,

“Then you would fall into my hands and what would there be to regret? I just have to deal with you and fix you.”

Goosebumps sprouted on her back. Elisha turned away, conscious of the red eyes that bore into her.

To Elisha, he was a mysterious man; she could not fathom how sincere he was.


“Get some rest. I’ll be back after work.”

Elisha tried to calm herself down. As Lucerne left the room, the tension in her body relaxed.

‘Still, it’s the situation I wanted … … . I’m glad it worked out well.’

As she gathered her thoughts, she tried to pull herself together. However, her body and mind were stirred up by someone.

‘Is sex usually like this?’

Her body felt utterly limp and heavy. She had not only run herself into the ground but had also used up all her future reserves of energy too.

‘I have to think, I have to think… … .’

After 30 minutes, Elisha dozed off. It was the first time in both of her lives that she had become so defenseless.

‘Maybe he’s trying to control me… he’s… … .’

Even though it was a very short time, she had a vivid dream. However, this time it was different from usual because she knew that it was a dream.

Maybe it was because she had listened to Lucerne’s childhood story. Elisha had had a similar experience.

It was about a year before she died.

After Carola uncovered the secrets in the Yurif forest, Jacob and her used that fact to drain Marco’s blood.

Carola, in particular, had a knack for bullying people. She drove Arien to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

‘You’re going to do this for Carola. Give us this, too. Yes, get that!’

She smiled and took Arien’s jewels and dresses. Even the things in the temple weren’t safe from her.

Even in Elisha’s eyes, demons didn’t compare to her viciousness.

‘Deliver this letter to Arien!’

Carola made sure that Elisha always delivered her threatening letters.

After Arien’s temper tantrum upon receiving the blackmail, she vented her anger out on Elisha. At that time, she had an intense hatred for Marco and Arien.

One day, after Elisha had routinely brought a message, Arien detained her. She had suffered bitterly during her imprisonment.


Elisha didn’t eat well in her previous life. Due to the relentless terror and danger her life was under, her chronic anxiety manifested in her suffering from stomach pain.

Even so, being starved was genuinely horrifying.

‘Tell me what you know! How the hell did Carola find out the secret in that forest? Fuck! Am I inferior to that dumb, big-breasted bitch? Huh?’

The truth of the matter was that Elisha didn’t know anything.

Rather, she discovered more about what had happened after being caught and tortured by Marco and Arien. Piecing together questions during interrogations and inferring through arguments, Elisha began to paint a picture of what had happened through the daze of her harrowing abuse. She begged to be released; she had no information and was thus not worthy of being a hostage. But, of course, no one listened to her.

And as expected, Jacob didn’t come to find Elisha. So… … . From the beginning, Arien knew Marco well.

There would be no consequences if ‘someone’ touched Elisha.

Moreover, bizarrely, even from before, Marco was prone to harassing Elisha. There was no way that his wife did not know it, so Arien had been holding a grudge against her from since before.

‘You’re already a retarded, crippled bitch, but I’m going to cut off one of your arms and send you back.’

Arien looked at her cruelly and sneered. Then one day, she proposed a terrible game to Elisha.

‘Let’s play tag. If you hold out for an hour, I’ll let you go. If you get caught, I will dig your eyes out.’

So she covered Elisha’s eyes, tied her hands, and made her run away. She then used her knights to drive Elisha like a rabbit.

‘Hey, ugly witch! Run away!’

‘Next time I catch her, I’ll take her clothes off!’

Elisha frantically sprinted off with those knights taunting and pursuing her. She had never been so terror-stricken before.

In the first place, Arien had no intention of returning her unscathed. Elisha already knew it.

A sense of horror and dread pressed on her panicking heart as she ran when someone suddenly caught her. A firm hand had grabbed her as she was about to fall.

‘Let me go, please.’

Then she burst into tears. Her heart was beating so hard in her ears that she didn’t even notice that their surroundings, while the man was holding her, were cold and quiet. Blindfolded, Elisha had no idea who her opponent was.

‘Who is it? I will never forget your grace, so please let me go just once! Please pretend you didn’t see me.’

In wide-eyed desperation, she groveled. Elisha’s enduring dignity was completely shattered. She just cried and begged, not even knowing to whom.

‘I can’t see— my eyes—hiccup—Please… … . let me go. Please pretend you didn’t see me.’

‘… … .’

‘Help me… … . Please, save me just once… … .’