BA – 8

But his kind, gentlemanly words were empty and the tone was as if he was not at all sorry. He apologized to Angela with a red face and reached out.

With his thumb and forefinger, he stroked her labia and at the feeling of her wetness, he faintly smiled. He unhurriedly rubbed the tender flesh between her legs.

Angela’s pelvis shivered lightly as he moved further to the middle, pushing the flesh gently. When he finally reached her clit and rubbed it with his fingers, transparent fluid flowed through the entrance. In an instant, the man with a terrifyingly hungry stare focused intensely on the lewd scene. He pushed his fingers in without hesitation, opening the closed path little by little so Angela could adapt. He pinched and opened his three fingers and put them all the way in.

“Ah… … .”

Angela stiffened, then her surprise subsided and all that remain was a growing glow as her pelvis trembled with excitement.

When he saw her pleasure, he was deeply satisfied and pulled out his soaked fingers.

He brought his shaft to the vulva, precum glistening. He rubbed his tip on her vulva, sharing their wetness and looked at Angela.

A mysterious feeling wound up Angela like a hot spring. It was a strange feeling she had never felt before. The anxious and exciting anticipation made her clench her buttocks and tightened her entrance. Her clear love liquid mixed with his precum and drenched their glans. He poked into Angela little by little, as if waiting.


A cry of pain rang in the man’s ears. Still teasing, he whispered gently as if he was appeasing Angela.

“Take a deep breath. Hang in there.”

Angela took a deep breath and exhaled; he noticed her body relaxing. The man waited for Angela.

When her expression became comfortable, he pierced her without hesitation. A thick and solid pillar mercilessly scoured her cramped place. Angela chocked and yelped with discomfort. Her secret ache was different than anything she had ever felt before.


The man comforted Angela with a slightly hoarse voice as if he had exhausted his heart just by going deep.

“Let’s relax a little.”

He helped her breathe with short, repetitive kisses. Her chest puffed in and out her tenseness and gradually regained stability. He teased Angela’s skin as a soft touch of gardenia scent steadily embraced them and took over their senses. A desire to keep this woman firmly in his arms sprang up in the man’s heart. It was then that Angela had gripped his penis tightly.


Painful saliva leaked through the clenched teeth. He felt an impulse that he could not withstand. Soon, as if he had decided, he moved his waist.

“Oh! Ah… … Ugh… … !’

The man rubbed his penis against her walls as he repeatedly pushed and pulled. Her discomfort transformed into a growing erotic mood and excited her. Pleasure grew until she saw firecrackers in her minds’ eye.

“Ahhhhhh… … !”

He didn’t let go and when he lifted Angela with his thrusts, sounds she never knew she could make erupted from her and filled the air. His testicles hit Angela’s ass and a wet whipping sound echoed in the room. The man didn’t want to restrain his movements as the warm, slick sensation paralyzed his reason. Her slender legs shook in the air repeatedly. Angela wasn’t sure what to do with herself. Their interwoven bodies parted from the close contact. Angela propped herself up, readjusting, and wrapped her legs around the man’s torso and firm back.

“Wow… … !”

The man grabbed and pulled Angela, who had soared away from him as if he was not happy with the tinkering. He tried not to allow gaps between them. Like the genitals, the skin was rubbed against the thighs, belly, chest, and under the chin.

Angela sobbed with all the pleasurable and arousing stimuli. Her breasts squished against his sturdy chest, locked in a grip that embraced her. She trembled, not knowing if it was out of fear or delight. She hung on the man with her arms around his neck and legs encircling him, with that his body wholly overlapped hers. He continue to ride her and she could feel his back muscles move as they held each other tightly.

“Ahhhh, ack… … Hugh, huh… … !”

Her gasps mixed with lustful moans, tickling the man’s ear. A strong want arose, and he kissed her deeply, sticking his tongue to the root, and rummaging the inside. He wanted to connect everything. He felt overwhelming pressure on his penis and a bolt of euphoric pain. Waves of ejaculation stimulated by the squeezing force couldn’t be held back anymore. He poured a lot of semen into her vagina.

The man swallowed a weary sigh, closing his eyes tightly and sulked, thinking it was unfortunate to end here. He turned towards a coy and bashful Angela and nuzzled her cheek with the tip of his nose.

“Wow… … .”

His heart plea him to satisfy his desires. Fortunately, time was on their side. It didn’t take much time for the contracted penis to swell again. Waiting for a while, as if impatient, Angela’s lower half twitched and urging his cock. He gave Angela a short kiss with a quick, irritable laugh.

Angela looked at the ceiling absentmindedly and with a confused consciousness, applied contractions without thinking about the stimulus coming from below. Soon his manhood began to show off his presence again, fully recovered. Angela struggled and frowned. His solid pillar felt cramped and bothered her nerves.

The soft vibration gave his cock a tingling pleasure. The man held her pelvis tightly and held it in place. Then, as if to appease, he kissed her breasts and painted blooming red marks on her. Angela swallowed.

Her itchy sensation grew. At the same time, the vaginal fluid, cum and semen mixed and poured out and dribbled with her contracts. The man gladly welcomed the smooth friction and carefully raised and lowered his back. Soon light moans and the sound of slapping skin tickled her atingled ears.

The newly started night was stained with joy.

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  1. Por favor!!! Continúen las traducción!!!! Está muy interesante!!
    Please!!! Continue with the traducción!!! Please! Please! Please!!!!

  2. Por favor!!! Continúen las traducción !!!! Está muy interesante !!
    Por favor!!! Continue com a traducción !!! Por favor! Por favor! Por favor!!!!

  3. Well damn!!! I need some more of this action!!! I can tell there’ll be lots of love making up on this mug!! Give me more!!!

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