BA – 7

The man hastily pulled the straps and pushed Angela’s shoulders down; her dress was disposed of and forgotten. His hand traveled down to her secret place and found itself blocked by another piece of cloth.

He succumbed to his urges and tore it up right away. A yelp shook his ears as the thin piece of cloth was ripped off.

“Uh… … .”

Angela frowned from the discomfort of torn underwear scratching her skin. The man froze, his urge evaporated as soon as he saw her pain.

“Haaaa… .”

With a deep sigh, his tense back muscles came down and relaxed. As if he had regained his composure, his calm face settled onto his features again. His eyes, a little cautious, studied Angela.

Angela blankly reached out and grabbed his face. Her palm gently caressed his sharp features.

The man touched Angela’s eyebrows with a warm breath. He overlapped his hands over the hands that were cradling his cheeks and slowly lowered his upper body.

Angela’s instinctually lowered her eyelids and felt her soft lips sealed by his. A wet tongue asked for permission to enter. Angela gently opened her lips with a comfortable sign.


Her light moan was cut short by his mouth. The man pushed his tongue and tapped her gums. As if trying to taste all of her insides, his tongue licked and licked and sucked in saliva.

Angela’s tongue sought refuge against the roof of her mouth but soon he grabbed her and their tongues were entangled. Angela clumsily responded to him, trying to follow his movements with delight and curiosity. Pulling and pushing, challenging and beckoning, their tongues moved in and out of the mouth.

The man, gleeful, manipulated her chest her breasts with both hands. Her tender skin was cold and her nipples tickled his palm. Reacting to his warm fondling, Angela’s body twisted with need.

“Wow… !”

The man kissed Angela deeply, swallowing a moan from her lips. He withdrew from their passionate kiss to observe her and Angela looked regretful at the interruption. From above, the man grinned with satisfaction.

“They are already standing.” 

Angela’s peaks were erect seeking attention. He was pleased to see such a reaction with just his kiss. The man smiled deeply. Then he filled his mouth with flesh and nibbled. He massaged her nipples with his tongue and drank in her skin. The smooth tongue grazed over her leaving an unbearable yearning in its wake.

“Hah… … .”

Angela’s gaze was pointing down and she captured the man’s crown.

Whenever he moved his tongue and caressed, his dark hair fluttered to the ups and downs of his movement. Angela reached out and touched his hair, ears and cheeks. Her hand grasped the contracting neck muscles. The man persistently stimulated her nipples and left an indelible mark with a suction pop.

”Oh… … !”

His breath, the sight of his head and neck muscle movements, stimulated the heat accumulating in her belly to a breaking point.

Angela gently lifted her thigh and tried to rub herself, but suddenly the man’s thick leg, which was sitting between her legs, blocked it. Angela whimpered and rubbed the inside of her thigh against his thigh. Responding, the man pulled his knees and rubbed them gently against Angela’s vagina.

“Hah… … !”

Despite his gentle caress, Angela sobbed as her waist twitched and tried to raise her upper body, ready to pounce him. The man pushed her shoulder as she was halfway up and laid her back on the bed.

“Let’s enjoy it.”

The low timbre of his voice, mixed with seductive laughter, struck her dumb. Angela trembled.

She tried to endure his coaxing titillations but she couldn’t help twisting, tilting and raising her waist as high as her thighs would let her. His hands took control of her knees and spread them wide open with both hands.

His eyes took in everything and he momentarily paused.

When the cold air suddenly touched her vagina, Angela cried out and begged with a soft voice.

“Please… … .”

The man sat perfectly still between her legs and held her pelvis so that it did not move.

“Are you asking me to put it in?”

A rough, harsh voice as if from a howling beast came from the man’s throat. His eyes gleamed as he visually explored Angela from head to toe, and unconsciously tightened his grip.

“Yes… … .”

When Angela murmured and waved her head to complain of pain, the man patted and removed strength from his hand.

“Then, I apologize in advance.”

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