BA – 6

The man asked Angela about her condition in a calm manner.

Angela wiped her dry mouth with the back of her hand, proceeding to wrap her arms around her. Contrary to her hot body, the air felt so cold.

Replying to his question Angela shook her head. The heat in her belly didn’t go away. And her body was getting hotter. Her nape was on fire. Angela suffered from pain and irritation.

Her savior clicked his tongue and watched Angela as he rebuked himself for not noticing. The proposed solution is already a step late.

Angela’s nausea subsided but her suffering doubled. Her eyes were full of sad temptations, and her body bent in a little on itself, looked very pitiful.


Angela couldn’t tell if her crying tone meant to tempt or reject. All she knew is that she couldn’t tolerate herself in this state.

She trembled and the man frowned and took off his coat. He covered her and ordered the coachman in a low voice. The wagon crossed the entrance gate of a mansion.

The gentleman picked up Angela with both arms and walked so fast it looked like he jumped up the stairs. He gave a short order to a bowing maid who quickly guided him to the nearest decent guest room.

After a glance, he was satisfied with the room, he lowered Angela on the wide bed. Her body floated and her head drooped back. A fluffy mattress touched her back.

Lying down and she twisted and turned and grabbed the ends of the man’s sleeves with delicate hands. The man said in a calm tone.

“I call a doctor.”

“Don’t go.”

Her thin, pitiful voice sounded pathetic to her ears.

He stood silent and gave quiet advice.

“Don’t do anything that you regret.”

Angela, pushed through her shame and pretended not to hear him. She didn’t know from where she got the energy as she tighten her grip.

Pleading tears threatened to fall at the edge of her eyes. The heat didn’t let her go. It was so painful. Angela, could only be overwhelmed by her lust induced by the aphrodisiac.

Her thoughts were only full of a desperate need to let someone relieve her from this heat.

There was only one person. This man.


Her moist voice grabbed the man as if it were resentful.

The man distorted his straight mouth and closed it again. As he struggled, her moods moved between heaven and hell.

Angela pulled herself up, eye level to his chest and ready to push his upper body to lay him down.

She let the coat he gave her flow down from her shoulders and revealed a swelling chest. Her curved white skin looked soft and pulp.

As if he was dizzy, the man combed his hand through his hair messing up his tidy bangs. When his forehead covered by the bangs was revealed, Angela was captivated by his sensual charm and seductive gesture.

Angela licked her lips with anxiety and swallowed her dry saliva.

“I guess it can’t be helped.”

His hard jaw line moved and a complicated sigh flowed out. His dark, shining eyes glanced at Angela.

Her hazy eyes filled with joy. A dull and hard sensation of want stabbed her waist.

The man almost torn off his shirt as he lowered himself onto the bed. A calm hand slowly loosened Angela’s clothes. Her skirt spread out round and flowed down the waist. The smooth curve under the pelvis was enticing.


A hot breath caressed his tight stomach. A touch made him look down.

Angela, with her cheeks on his belly, was licking his skin as if it would melt, as if she couldn’t get enough. Her lips were warm.

“Chueup… … Tw… … .”

A lewd sloppy sound leaked out of her damp lips and echoed in the man’s ear. His eyes were gone. He fluttered and frowned. Angela’s poor caresses gradually consumed his patience.

“You have no fear.”

It was a low, rumbling voice. Angela touched him with a flimsy hand, unaware of his feelings. Her sexual instincts captured his reason.

“Then I won’t hold back.”

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