BA – 1

The night was so dark you couldn’t see an inch ahead, but Angela could feel the man’s hot eyes searing her.

“That… ah…stop… “

Angela squeezed her legs. The man with his tongue buried in her groin grabbed her thigh.

“Trying to choke me?”

She panicked and tried to relax.

“Why are you so sensitive?”

Joy was mixed with the bruising man’s voice.

Tortured, Angela whispered quietly, with a heated face.

“… … Stop and put it in.”

Immediately from below, she heard a joyful laugh. Flames licking her body with desire, Angela pulled his head back slightly.

The man gently followed her hand and raised his face. She licked the love liquid from his lips and swallowed it.

As he lifted his upper body, his erection appeared, rising to his belly button. He put three fingers in her and her ache grew larger. A moan laced with need popped out of Angela’s mouth. Wet sounds rang in her ears obscenely, making her hotter.

“Now, I can put it in.”

The man muttered. As if to check, he rubbed his tip on the wet entrance and barely inserted it.

He roughly pushed in, his back hunched.

“Huh… … !”

He groaned low with pleasure and began his belligerent chase without hesitation.

…As usual.

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