My translations are more like exercises in creative writing while improving on my Korean. They are not accurate. I’m not fluent in Korean (mtling is a huge help) but I have lived and studied in Korea. I know how to speak/sign around seven languages that I can get by with but I am also dislexic. I’m just a passionate reader that wants to share.

I recieved a lot of joy from other translators who introduced me to webnovels and reading their translations and raws helped me with my depression so I wanted to pay it forward.

I am on instagram (message me there) wattpad (until I get deleted again) and ko-fi (if you feel so moved or want to sponsor a chapter—don’t forget to add the title!).

I don’t pick novels knowing the plot, I am reading it with you all as I translate so there is no set time in which I update.

If you would like to propose a project that hasn’t been already picked up, post it in the comments.

Supplying raws is also a great way to extend support.

Please support the authors and buy the raws if you can.

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  1. Thank you for your translations! I admire your hardwork :)) Btww I would like to recommend Seduce the Villain’s Father :)) It’s really heartwarming and nice 💓

  2. Hi! I was in the middle of reading the one of your translations, but now the chapters are locked. Do you have a discord that I can join?

  3. Hello~
    I am in loved with your translation of ‘I lost the leash of the yandere male lead’ and ‘I become the master of the villain’.

    I like reading about a yandere hero doting on his heroin so much. Thus, I’m grateful tht I found 2 new favorite stories to read bcs of ur translation and thank you fr taking the time in translating this beautiful works!

    Today I checked that we now need to input password to access new chapters. If possible, could you please tell me how to join and get access to your future works?

  4. Hi, found your translations of several awesome novels and got instantly hooked on them all.(also some awesome smut novels, fans myself)
    I would love to get access to continue to read them if possible 🙂

  5. Um, hello. I just read your English subtitles a few weeks ago, and today I checked in the password. May I ask, how to read the next chapter?

  6. Hi can i get the link of your discord?? Ive tried all the link above and its all expired😅😅 and it seems to be asking for password can you email me the password?? Btw thank you for your translation

  7. Hi! I saw your translations via novel updates. You have a great taste in novels. I’d appreciate it if I may have access to them please 🥺🥺🥺

  8. Hello,
    The link for discord is showing invalid or expired. So I couldn’t join it.
    Can you please tell me the password as well😊

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